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Transportation Essays

Transportation Essay Samples & Examples

Transportation played an essential role in the development of humanity. It influenced the progress of many social and economic processes as well as changed the course of the history. Transportation concerns the movement of people and goods in various directions. As the time passed by, it became a way boosting the development of trade and business in future.

Transportation essays is a task for inquisitive writers aimed at delivery of original compositions covering various questions related to the transport and movement. The variety of topics can be formulated around the issue of transportation. One can discuss the history of transport development, the impact of the progress of transport. Moreover, one can dwell upon the current safety of roads, means of transport and various type of transportations including marine and air.

To prepare good transportation essays, one needs to focus on a particular aspect of the topic. The next step will be gathering the necessary info and compiling of the material following formatting standards. It is of the utmost importance to focus on the organization of the layout, as it influences the quality of the composition.

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California High-Speed Rail's Contribution to City sustainability: Los Angeles and San Francisco

This essay examines the contribution of California High-Speed Rail to city sustainability on its planned route and provides a potential solution for the embarrassing funding situation of the rail. The California High-Speed Rail is a high-speed train under construction in California that is expected to connect Union station and San …

About Long Beach and Los Angeles Two Most Significant Ports in the Country

Ports play an important role in the supply chains of businesses that work with international or domestic partners. They are also critical to the nation’s economy, as over 70% of cargo entering the United States arrives by ship (International Trade Administration 2018). There are many benefits that seaports bring to …

Wind is an Important Agent of Deposition and Transportation

No deserts are completely rainless although parts of the Libyan and Chilean deserts approach complete aridity. In such places erosion is extremely slow, although occasional showers can have sudden catastrophic effects. Trujillo in Peru received only 1.4 inches of rain between 1918 and 1925, but during March 1925 it received …

The Flying Car: an Invention That Will Revolutionize the World

The flying car is both a mysterious and futuristic invention. When I first hear the words, “flying car” I think of the magical world of “Harry Potter”, or even the classic “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” which starred in 1968. The flying car has been dreamt by millions, for years and …

The Highline: A New Destination

The way things can evolve with just the snap of a finger is truly amazing. Less than a decade ago, the highline was an abandoned wasteland but in 2009, it was transformed into a meaningful elevated park. The highline has a very long history being that it also used to …

Research And Development Of Transport Category Aircraft

Introduction Both Airbus and Boeing are seeking the most appropriate applications of the manufacturing techniques that are very innovative. For instance the Airbus aircraft manufacturing company was the first to introduce the laser beam welding on their civil aircrafts and it has also made use of the other advanced methods. …

Principles Of Transportation Economics

Question 1 What is an economic model and ideally what characteristics would we like our economic models to satisfy?             Trevor Jones (2005) wrote that economics “identifies various market failures that make the community worse off (p. 38). In this line of thinking, he said that “[economic] models of the …

The Segway Human Transporter

The Segway Human Transporter is an innovative devise by Dean Kamen that provides flexibility and potential increase in transit movements for short distances. There two models of this machine, the ‘I’ series that is used for human transit and the ‘e’ series for cargo transport. The devise is pollution free …

Ethernet Wan Transport

The article “Why Ethernet Wan Transport” by Aref Meddeb offers detailed overview of wan transport paying special attention to wan technologies. The article describes some of the widely used technologies relating to wan transport. The author compares traditional wan technologies with that of the Ethernet wan transport. The author discusses …

Overseas Medical Supplies Ltd v Orient Transport Services Ltd

The Appellant, Orient Transport Services Limited appealed as it was held liable for the loss of medical equipment while being transported from Tehran to the UK and there was failure on its part as required by the contract .It was held that the contractual term exempting it from liability and …

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