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Logistics Essays

3PL or Third Party Logistics

The need for effectively managing the supply chain can be underscored by the amount of costs that are accredited to the process. From facilities maintenance, storage of inventory, utilities, to labor costs, this aspect of the business can account for over 60% of the variable costs of the business (Alexander, …

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics stands for all operations related to the reuse of products and materials. It is “the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost effective flow of raw materials, in-process inventory, finished goods and related information from the point of consumption to the point of origin for the …

Dell Logistic Strategy

DELL LOGISTICS NETWORK Dell’s new and improved design for a channel distribution model: Order processing Pre-production Accessories ready Configuration Test Boxing Distribution preparations Shiping (transportation) TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM DESIGN: TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM DESIGN Optimize inbound and outbound transportation networks Collaborate with the best logistics and transportation providers Mode of transportation – By …

Literature Review Supply Chain Management

Introduction Supply Chain Management (SCM) is an area of business that some senior executives do not fully understand. In theory, the concepts makes sense, however, the implementation is where there is a comprehension gap. A general definition of SCM is made up of the essential administration to discover the complete …

Arnold Palmer Hospital’s Supply Chain

Arnold Palmer Hospital, one of the nation’s top hospitals dedicated to serving women and children, is a large business with over 2,000 employees working in a 431-bed facility totaling 676,000 square feet in Orlando, Florida. Like many other hospitals, and other companies, Arnold Palmer Hospital had been a long-time member …

Nodal Logistic and Custo Brasil

PROBLEM: After approval from the company’s executive board, John Penman knew that Nodal Logistics Corporation could invest in a $45 million industrial property of 800,000 square feet in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This represented an important long-term opportunity because the company’s global position could be greatly improved. However, the problem appear …

Map the Supply Chain

Supply chain management (SCM) is a crucial process for a company where steps take are taken to deliver a good or service. Benefits to the supply chain management contribute to helping create an integrated company where reducing costs is a priority. SCM is a network of companies such as, suppliers, …

Evaluate the distribution systems in delivering goods

Introduction In this assignment I am going to evaluate the distribution systems in delivering goods and services for one of the well-known food sector business and that is ASDA. I am going to look at both the positive and the negative aspects of the distribution systems used and make recommendations …

Ibis Hotel Operation Strategy

Executive Summary: The aim of this report is to address the Ibis Hotel operation strategy in relation to service process, layout design and supply chain management. The report is based on academic books, journals, articles, company website and authors personal interview with the Ibis Luton staffs. The report had described …

Strategic Logistics - Tesco

Tesco case studyDiscuss the wider role of warehousing and distribution within the overall company strategy, and explain how it has enabled Tesco to become more competitive in the food retail industry. Warehousing is an important activity in the distribution of raw materials through to the finished goods. It plays an …

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