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The Segway Human Transporter

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The Segway Human Transporter is an innovative devise by Dean Kamen that provides flexibility and potential increase in transit movements for short distances. There two models of this machine, the ‘I’ series that is used for human transit and the ‘e’ series for cargo transport. The devise is pollution free and travels on pavements, grass and over small obstacles like pebbles. It travels at averagely 15 mph, powered by electricity and has a built in computer that aids upright posture. This devise has no break and mainly relies on weight shifting mechanisms when stopping or changing directions (www.segway.com).

            The success of the Segway Human Transport is dependant on cooperation in the regulatory areas, models and rental structures, effective business, appropriate placements and attention to safety and security concerns. Due the controversies surrounding the acceptance of the Segway as an alternative means of transport in America, the machine can do better in European countries like France (www.segway.com).

            Being a developed country, France commuters can afford this devise which would comparatively be generally costly for developing countries. With its large population, with diverse transport requirements, France would find the Segway a useful addition. It would be very useful to school going children and teenagers as most students in this part are day scholars.

            Import duties levied on potential importers from France would be fairly light as well as transport costs hence the Segway Human Transporter would be easily available. Likewise, implementation of Segway Transport machine in France would not be very costly in terms of infrastructure layout. With generally good roads and sidewalks, the roads in France can easily accommodate this machine.

            For a fairly well developed country, France would find the Segway particularly important in reducing road congestions from short distance traffic, delivery vehicles and children being dropped off to school. This will go a long way in easement of traffic congestions and reducing pollution.

            France would also open up trading opportunities with other European markets. The Segway Human Transporter would particularly be useful in these European countries where car-share policies have not been established.

 Since according to Whitely (2000) good marketing principles require a basic need that needs to be satisfied, France exhibits a need for backup means of transport for short distances, which could be well be covered for by the introduction of the Segway Human Transporter. This means of transport would also be useful to the middle and lower class members of the French society who can not comfortably afford fuel for private cars, since it has its own battery.

Marketing the Segway Human Transporter out of its mother country would open up its chances in the world market and maybe even popularize the devise back at home and encourage resolutions to the constant controversies surrounding the use of the devise in America. This will save it from quickly being unpopular worldwide like could be the case in America.

France as a country with very few own machine innovations, will provide just the perfect market for foreign innovations and new machines like the Segway Human Transporter. The efficiency of the machine and its easy maintenance makes it user friendly and its use is applicable to all as it has no complex operational mechanisms. This is suitable for a busy country as it demands no time for learning complicated techniques.

France has no known mechanical machines market affiliations hence provide a properly neutral ground that suits foreign business opportunities.


Whitely, R.C[2000]. The Customer Driven Company: Moving From Talk to Action. New Yolk: Pfeiffer & Co.

www.segway.com accessed on, 23rd September , 2007

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