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Lesson Plan on Word Study Fluency

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            Education is a very vital subject in the lives of very many people and therefore the presentations of the learning experiences that are given in a learning situation be it in the classroom or the home-based should be guided for ensuring that the correct standards are reached in an education system. Because of this system of guidance in the setting of the instructional and behavioral objectives, a lesson plan should follow the required state standards and be evaluated accordingly in order to make sure that the set standards are used. In this light, this paper seeks to make use of the Missouri state standards and show a demonstration of the correct follow up of the expected educational standards.


            For any behavioral objectives, there should be a consideration of the seven levels of the Madeline model of instruction. Bloom’s taxonomy allows grouping or classification of learning objectives in an effort to categorize the levels of learning. It therefore becomes mandatory and very unavoidable in the construction of any lesson plan that these categories be recognized and followed accordingly.

The two chosen Missouri state standards.

            In Communication Arts like English learning, students in Missouri State schools will obtain a solid base which includes knowledge of and adeptness in Verbal communication and writing Standard English (including syntax, practice, punctuation, spelling, capitalization) and the second one being participating in official and casual presentations and debates of issues and ideas. Therefore under these acceptable standards, a draft lesson plan should correlate these standards with the Bloom and Madeline models and then evaluate the behavioral objectives. The later involves seven prescribed state which are; understanding of the knowledge and the human growth development, mastery if the content, effective classroom management, the use of the materials, planning for the teaching process, human relations and lastly instructional skills.

The lesson plan.

            This is the most fundamental tool in the instruction method and therefore accurate and effective lesson plans should be prepared in advance so as to give and achieve the desired objectives as required by the State or the nation in a wider sense. Therefore in consideration of the Missouri standards, the following goals lesson plan as prepared for grade two regarding word fluency:

Lesson plan.

Submitted by: Put Your Name here

Grade: four

Topic: Word fluency.

Lesson objectives

            By the end of the lesson the students should be able to pronounce given words correctly such that they are able to be understood in an official communication environment.

            Establishment and differentiation of some modified forms of languages like slang from real English.


            The teacher starts by introducing the language concepts and noting that there is more than one language in any given society even with the slightest modification of the existing language.

The teacher then gives some dictation of common verbs, nouns, pronouns and adjectives.           The teacher then asks the students to pronounce some common word s that they often make use of.          The students listen to the introduction by the teacher and ask questions as appropriate. The learners then take to writing the dictated words down and submit them for checking and then later spelt and pronounce some common words to them and additional ones given by the teacher from the past newspapers and storybooks provided.

Compensation for mal planning.

            In the case of under-planning, the teacher will assign more readings fro the newspapers and the storybooks provided for an additional pronunciation practice, that is, the students will have to take more time into the familiarization of the


            The Oxford English dictionary, past Newspapers, storybooks, the chalkboard and writing materials for the learners.


            The lesson was well taught with the achievement of the stated objectives. This was gotten from the evaluation process during instruction with a slight influence of slang.


            From the instruction process, the objectives play a very imperative role in the entire process because they direct the teacher on how and what the teaching process should entail. Therefore this is the part that plays the biggest role in the whole process of instruction.

            During the above learning experiences, the learners were a bit well, acquainted with pronunciation of some more common words and phrases with some difficulty in some modified words to form slang or the unofficial-street language. As part of the conclusion, the teacher notes that although there is a slight influence of slang on real American English, more on this topic should be covered to enable the learners perfect the art of word fluency and be able to differentiate real English from slang.


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