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Leadership & Organizational Behavior

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​After taking the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and The Big Five Personality Test I was able to see and reflect on what I thought I knew about myself. I was also able to learn new things about myself. There are things I agree with and disagree with. I am able to use this information to help me in my education and personal life. The results of the Big Five look at open-mindedness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and negative emotionality. It states I do not typically seek out new experiences. I am not organized or disorganized. I enjoy spending quiet time alone. It also states that, I am neither extremely forgiving nor irritable and I am not nervous or calm. According to the Keirsey Temperament Sorter I am classified as a Guardian. A guardian is factual, dependable, steady, cautious, respectable, concerned, detailed, law-abiding, and logistical.

I was surprised and disagree with the open-mindedness. I consider myself to be very open-minded and I do seek out new experiences. I never thought about my organization, but I can agree with being neither. I am somewhere in the middle. I wouldn’t so much say I like to spend quiet time alone, but I don’t necessarily like being in uncomfortable situations or with people I don’t know. Small group settings with people I know I do enjoy. I agree with being factual, cautious, respectable, and concerned. It takes me a while before I make a decision and I do not like to be pressured in making a decision. I have to be happy and confident with my decision or I will change my mind. I do agree that I am a loyal person. I think I am even loyal to a fault.

I can use this information as encouragement for my career choice. It also lets me know my strengths and weakness. I can use that information to know where I would be of great help versus not. A guardian is giving to serving. I do like to serve and I even volunteer to make lunches for the homeless at work. I am good at getting the job done and teamwork. I actually think that is kind of funny as I haven’t had much success in working in groups. But that has always been because other members did not follow through on their action items. Also, I have always shined and stood out to management and leadership in group settings. This is also interesting as I prefer to be in the back and work behind the scenes and not be the leader or the person in front.

My loyalty reflects in my work and education. I am currently working on my second degree at Herzing University. I don’t switch employers, once I get somewhere I stay there. I was with my previous employer for ten years and I plan on staying with my current employer until I am finished with school and start my career. My loyalty will speak for itself and help me build relationships in education and professionally. I do seek out joining new groups and projects on the job at in my personal life.

My personality would best fit into planning and controlling “Planning is the process of determining an organization’s desired future position and the best means of getting there.” “Controlling is the process of monitoring and corrections the actions of the organization and its members to keep them directed toward their goals.”. I am good with discipline and teamwork. A guardian uses their skills to keep things running smoothly which is important in monitoring the actions and members of the organization. I am responsible which is very important in the planning process inside an organization. The planning process is part of the foundation.

If I were in a different environment or situation I would use relaxation techniques, learning to say no, and prioritizing to manage stress. “Coping with stress requires adaptation.” You have to learn to adapt and part of adapt is preparing yourself mentally and physically for what is to come. For example taking a test can be stressful. If you know you have a test coming up then you can start to prepare yourself early mentally with studying and relaxation techniques. Make a list for studying and a timeline of what you need to study. As I reflect on the assessments taken it helps me to know myself in a better light. I am also given reassurance on the things I already knew. I also have a greater understanding on the things I already knew about myself. This assessment also gives me insight on where I am able to help the most. I really believe I am a good planner and loyalty is important in working with a team. This shows I will stick with the project.

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