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CJA/453 Criminal Justice Administration Virginia Secretary of Public Safety works with the Governor and advises him on the challenges associated with public safety. The Department of Public Safety distributes the state law enforcement assistance, which is known as the 599 funds. These funds goes police department in 176 counties, town, and cities. The police department may be eligible, if the departments meet certain requirements. The law enforcement of the police departments must have the minimum training that require by the State of Virginia and in compliance with applicable crime reporting. The Virginia Department of State Police determines these requirements. The budget for the Department of State Police, an increase of $5.2 million grant fund (GF) proposed to accelerate the opening of new Basic Trooper Schools and provide second-year funding for maintenance of the State Agencies Radio System. Virginia needs these funding to help the police department and state police protect the citizen of the state.

Some programs have been cut because some communities are not working with the police. Police officers put certain programs together to help the communities and encourage the communities to be part of the programs. If this does not happen the program will be cut, and the fund will go toward other sources. Virginia police department always need new technology to stay one step ahead of the criminals. Also the state police may need the same and more training. Virginia wants to keep the law enforcement agencies up – to – date with training. The State of Virginia, also like for the agencies to have new technology. Some smaller area in Virginia may

not meet the requirement and will not receive any funds from the state. The state police usually help patrol the smaller towns, and the rural areas. Virginia will need funding or grants to add on new officers in the state that need to meet the requirement. A few years ago The Town Council in Blacksburg, Virginia had to increase the meal taxes to hire four new officers and a dispatcher for their police department. In 2007 the same police department in need of eight new officers and four dispatchers. The Town Council will add that in the 2009 and 2010 fiscal year to meet the requirement (The Roanoke Times). A recommendation for some funding to help Virginia colleges is to hire more campus security. There several issues with the colleges here in Virginia. The new officers must be well trained and have the proper equipment. This is a good place to use some funding and will make the citizens secure about sending his or her children to Virginia colleges. The citizens of Virginia who have made this state his or her home want to be secure, crime rates decreased, and safe. The people here in Virginia want to know that his or her tax dollars are put to good use. This is a beautiful state to raise his or her children. So the grants funds needed to keep Virginia a safe place to live. The State of Virginia cannot do that without the help from the government and stop increasing taxes from the citizens.


Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services 2010 Retrieved on August 10 2011 from http://www.dcjs.virginia.gov/about/documents/dpbServiceAreaPlan.pdf The Roanoke Times 2011 Retrieved on August 10, 2011 from http://www.roanoke.com/news/nrv/wb/200316

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