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Human Trafficking Persuasive

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Human trafficking has been a part of our world ever since the first great cities in the ancient times were constructed. Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings, who are most commonly used for commercial sex or forced labor. In the twenty first century human trafficking has also had an explosion of trafficking humans for the sole purpose of extracting the victims bodily tissues and vital organs, becoming a forced organ donor. In the book Human Trafficking, by managing editor Elizabeth Des Chenes are over thirty professional essays and articles about human trafficking around the globe. This book being comprised of authors from around the world describing the damaging effects of human trafficking in their home countries, is a clear statement of how human trafficking is a global issue that affects the world, and is a growing issue in America no matter how hard we combat the issue.

In her first three professional essays in her book Chenes makes it perfectly clear that human trafficking is a global issue that resides in every country. In the first essay “Europe Is Plagued By Human Trafficking” by Amanda Price describes how human trafficking is a Pan- European issue, with several hundreds of thousands of people being trafficked into or within the countries that make up the European Union. Price describes how European law enforcement officials are focused on bringing more perpetrators to trial but many victims are afraid to testify for fear of being deported; therefore, cases are difficult to prove. From this we can draw that human trafficking is a noticed issue in Europe that is trying to be resolved, but when people fear for their lives and refuse to cooperate than the issue will never be resolved. The second essay “The Philippines Is A Center For Human Trafficking” by Girlie Linao, Linao explains that many young filipino men and women are recruited from impoverished areas in the provinces and trafficked to Manila, the Philippines capital, then forced into labour camps or prostitution overseas.

The Philippine government’s deployment of Filipino workers around the world as domestic workers leaves women and children particularly vulnerable. The third essay in the first chapter by Lowana Veal, “Iceland Addresses Its Human Trafficking Situation” reveals that human trafficking is such an issue that we can find it in the most remote regions of the world. Veal states, Iceland had its first conviction for human trafficking in March, 2010, waking many Icelanders up to the fact that the crime was being practiced in their country. Activists charge that the governments is at fault for not taking the issue seriously, and they hope for more stringent anti-trafficking laws and effective outreach programs to identify victims.

Chenes next four selection of professional essays bring the most suspected countries of human trafficking into view and one country that is very close to America’s heart suffering from the same issues. “Zimbabwe Is A Major Route For Human Trafficking” by Paidamoyo Muzulu describes how Zimbabwe has become one of the major routes for human trafficking in South Africa because of the countries lax enforcement on the problem and legal loopholes when perpetrators are caught. The problem is compounded by the fact that there are few reliable statistics on human trafficking in the region. When looking at this situation it is sad to see that the laws of a country harbor perpetrators from the very same laws meant to protect people. Alexandra Scherle’s essay “Bosnia Has A Growing Human Trafficking Crisis” describes a new trend in Bosnia is organized crime going after girls as young as twelve to force them into prostitution and pornography. Local politicians and law enforcement officials may be complicit or in other words “involved” in the crimes. Leaving the victims with no one to reach out to for help. Scherle says womens organizations are working to address the problems by advocating with the government to stop the practice and by helping the victims. “South Africa Is A Hotbed For Human Trafficking” says author Rebecca Wynn in her professional essay entitled the same as her statement.

Whynn says human trafficking is thriving in the countries that make up South Africa, with the main regional destination being South Africa. The International Organization for Migration is bringing together government leaders from the region to find ways to gather resources and efforts, as well as to provide a forum to exchange ideas on how to combat the problem. “Israel Is A Favorite Destination For Human Trafficking” by Mora Almami is a shocking essay he describes how our nations closest ally suffers from Human Trafficking as well. Almami states that Israel continues to have a problem with human trafficking, especially women being forced into prostitution or indentured labor. The Israeli government has also been criticized for an immigration policy that binds foreign workers to their Israeli employers-leaving workers vulnerable to the whims of their employers.

Chenes’s second chapter to her book focuses on factors contributing to human trafficking. “Global Human Trafficking is a By-Product of Capitalism” by Julia Suryakusuma states human trafficking and sex work are integral by-products of capitalism. They exists because there is a lucrative market for them. The moral stigma should be taken away from sex workers who chose the business, but law enforcement should continue to combat human trafficking and forced prostitution. “China’s Widespread Child Trafficking Is Aided By Corruption” by Andreas Lorenz says human trafficking, especially the stealing of children, is an ongoing problem is China. Experts estimate that between thirty thousand and sixty thousand babies, children, and adolescent disappear every year. Corruption and police passivity add to the problem. Alasdair Fotheringham writes his essay “Spain’s Casual Acceptance of Prostitution Leads to Human Trafficking” on. how in Spain, prostitution is popular and socially accepted. Many of the women working in the business are victims of sex traffickers and have few legal rights. The global recession has also affected the sex trade by increasing the number of victims to make up for the lack of daily customers.

In Chenes concluding chapter three, she selects essays that encompass the ideas and strategies to reduce human trafficking. The United Nations Office On Drugs And Crime produced an essay “Un Launches A Global Plan Of Action To Combat Human Trafficking.” The United Nations global plan of action to combat trafficking in persons was formulated to coordinate and strengthen efforts of member states to eliminate the global scourge of human trafficking and resolves to obtain more data on the issue. “Kenya Passes New LAws To Combat Human Trafficking More Effectively” by Irin states kenya passed a law that legally defines and recognizes human trafficking as a crime. Counter-trafficking experts contend that this law will go a long way in protecting Kenyan Citizens and offering invaluable assistance to victims. “Great Britain Looks To Prosecute Human Traffickers More Effectively” by Robert Booth states prosecutors in Great Britain have been criticized for the low number of convictions they have secured on human trafficking cases.

In response to these changes, the Crown Prosecution Service has drafted a new policy to improve its performance that includes a plea to human trafficking victims to testify against their victimizers. “Thai Human Trafficking Victims Reunite With Families In The United States” by Teresa Watanabe writes how Thai workers, victims of Beverly Hills labor contracting firm, are being reunited with their families. The Thai Community Development Center has worked to help near two thousand victims of the firm by reuniting them with their families and resettling them in Los Angeles. “The United States Needs To Stop Detaining Victims Of Human Trafficking” by Alison parker and Meghan Rhoad states there have been numerous cases of human trafficking victims in the United States being held in Us Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facilities. This practice is unacceptable because it subjects detainees to further trauma, endangers their health, and undermines the objectives of the anti- trafficking laws.

This book has opened my eyes to the vast Global Situation of Global Human Trafficking. Throughout this book the many article about Human Trafficking made complete sense to me. The essays that did not make any sense to me whatsoever were the essays in chapter two about combatting human trafficking in south africa and the United Nations creating a plan of action to combat Human Trafficking on a global scale is ridiculous. If the United nations are involved in anything pertaining to the -protection of people, people are going to continue to be harmed. As well as the law that was placed in Kenya that finally recognized human trafficking as a crime is making no progress at all because throughout the essay regarding that law they spoke about no repercussions of the traffickers nor did they speak about how they will battle their growing human trafficking problems.

The book as a whole demonstrated that Human Trafficking is a Global Issue that affects every corner of the earth. The essay on the growing human trafficking issues in Iceland was a great technique in showing how even the most remote places on earth are affected. This being the first type of article/essay type of book I have read, I think Ms. Chenes has done a wonderful job but if I were to make a few corrections I would have chosen a few better sources in chapter two. Human Trafficking by Elizabeth Chenes fully describes the true horror of human trafficking and distributes the main points professionally
throughout the book.

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