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Environment Essays

Environmental issues have been in the center of attention recently. People care about the environment and try to change today’s critical situation for the better. For that reason, the issue of environmental problems is actively discussed at colleges and universities. Students receive tasks to prepare environment essays on various topics to raise their awareness as well as the awareness of all members of society. A mission to prepare environment essays is a challenge, as it presupposes many processes.

Primarily a student working on the delivery of environmental essays has to be good at this field. Secondary, one has to be able to think critically and approach the given topic from various angles to enhance the essay with controversial points of view and make it more interesting for the target reader. Finally, the ending of the environment essays has to comprise a call to action sentence and evoke the desire to contribute to making the environmental condition better!

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Plate Tectonics

It’s been a few weeks since we began Science class and we’ve learned a lot of interesting things, and some of those things include, landforms that form at convergent boundaries, landforms that form at divergent boundaries, how convection currents work inside the earth, the theory of plate tectonics, and don’t …

Volcan de Fuego

Volcan de Fuego, better known as Fuego, benefits the surrounding towns by being a great tourist site. Although Fuego doesn’t seem the best place to visit, it is very beautiful to see the lava flow down the volcano. It is especially breath-taking at night. Fuego also benefits the surrounding towns …

Mt. Tambora

In the year 1816, there were world-wide events no one could explain. In Europe and North America, there were epidemics and a bitter cold, called “The Year Without A Summer.” In Ireland, there was an outbreak of Typhus, and in India, there was a rise in Chlorea outbreaks. In other …

An amazing phenomenon of nature

Volcanoes are amazing features and the eruptions are extraordinary to see. That being said, when a volcano erupts people should get to a safe distance away from the volcano as soon as possible. At the end of October to early November 2015, Mount Rinjani erupted, catapulting volcanic bombs and generating …

Mt St Helens

Miriam Juhl MW 815 Mount Saint Helens Having lived in a valley the majority of my life I can understand all too easily what it is to take the mountains around you for granted. In ignorance of their formation, unaware of how their past or future may affect me, or …

Mount Van Halens

On May 18th 1980, everything the United States knew about volcanic eruption was put to the test when the most destructive volcano in history erupted in Washington, Mount St. Helens. I chose to write over the topic of Mount St. Helens due to its indelible historic significance as well as …

The Meadows Center Glass-Bottom Boat Tour 

There are diverse environments in Texas from woods to deserts, Texas offers us something different around each corner, such as a rare jewel. The Meadows Center glass-bottom boat tour offered me a chance to ride a historic glass boat, seeing many native wildlife throughout, with the exception of a few …

About The Rescue And Conservation Of Wildlife

When the world thinks of wildlife rescue and conservation, the first person that comes to mind for us all is the one and only, Steve Irwin. For years, the world used to gather around the television, tune in to Animal Planet, and watch a man who had enough compassion to …

The Effects of Building Construction on Wildlife Habitats

Conserving habitats is not an easy task. The number of threatened and endangered species in the United States and critical habitats are constantly being destroyed. With one quarter of mammal species at risk of extinction and amphibians on the decline, more needs to be done to protect wildlife habitats. Plans …

What Should Be Done About Biodiversity Loss In Agriculture

This article is about a new ecological study on how past climate change affected the planets ecosystem and how that data is being represented in figuring out how climate change is going to affect the planet in the future. In this article the main argument is that climate change is …

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