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Contemporary Approaches

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There are four contemporary approaches to management. These are sociotechnical theory, quantitative management, organizational behavior, and systems theory. Every organization has different types of environments. These are the internal environment, the macroenvironment and a competitive environment. There are also three environmental factors, internal, external and competitive environments. One thing to think about is the open systems and how this can be beneficial to the company.

The first approach is the sociotechnical approach. This is used to look over the entire operation, like workers, equipment and the social systems. They all interact with one another. There needs to be clear line to what is going on every step of the way. Great communication skills are needed within both parties. The quantitative management approach evaluates the mathematical side of the operations. This approach cannot work on all operations because not every company can be into mathematical terms. Sometimes there is other ways in determining how a company should be lead.

Organizational behavior is the study between the employees of the company. Knowing your employees and keeping the employees informed what is going on in the company, will allow the employees feel valuable and help the company moral up. Systems theory says that it is a business that is managed and thus changes the input and outputs. What you put in the company is what you are going to get out of it. This can really be applied to all aspects in life. You put in 50% you will only get 50% out of it.

The open systems, competitive environment and the internal environment are parts of the business that company need to consider when looking at an approach. The open system will gather information and change accordingly to what is needed. The competitive environment is the environment around, like suppliers, competitors, and customers. There is always a competitive environment throughout in every company. Internal environment is what takes place within the company. It is the people, conditions and other factors with the business. These three environmental factors are some of the information that is needed for the organization to make decisions based

The four contemporary approaches to management are relevant to all three of these environments because each one of them is within every company no matter what their approaches may be. There will always be internal and external factors this will never change, so will the competitiveness of the next company. There is no way around these facts. No matter what you do in live there will always be some type of factor baring down on you, that you have to make decisions for the best.

If you take the sociotechnical theory, quantitative management, organizational behavior, and systems theory, you will always have the internal, external and competitive factors to deal with. In my honest opinion, every approach have a different level of factors in them but every single one of them, seems to be just as important as the next. Having the open systems, allow the company to see what information is there and changes to directions to where the company needs to be heading. Keeping up with the different approaches and directing the company within the correct path can be a matter of simply knowing what work the best for the organization.

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