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Tax Essays

Empire of Alexander The Great And Qin Dynasty

The beginning were strong and successful places. They expanded, seized, and gained power throughout time. Unfortunately, they were both unable to keep this so-called power for very long. Empires were collapsing quickly, but why? Was it war, death, or mistreatment of the people? Could it be they were setting themselves …

The literature in the area of tax administration system

The purpose of this chapter is to review the literature in the area of tax administration system and taxpayers’ satisfaction behavior. The review has three major sections. Section 2.1 presents a review of the theoretical aspects related to the study. This is followed by Section2.2 the empirical literature review of …

Taxation Without Represintation

Parliamentary Taxation prompted rebellion in the colonies because England was deciding what taxes the colonies will pay to them, without talking to the colonies and knowing what the colonies made or how much they could afford. Restriction of civil liberties was a problem because England would not allow the colonies …

Taxation of Pensions and Profit Sharing Plans

             Personal income is perceived in the United States of America as the appropriate measure of one’s ability to contribute to the federal government operation costs  in terms of tax. The personal income normally includes compensations that are paid and not necessary that the compensation should be in cash but …

Taxation Law

Introduction             The United States federal government imposes income tax on individuals and corporates that generate income within the United States and outside the United States. This follows from the nature of the taxation system that has been adapted in the United States that stretches to reach the United States …

Factors Affecting Tax Compliance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

Tax compliance has been a topic of great interest to Revenue authorities especially in the developed countries. Hostility towards tax compliance is an age old problem. “Taxes are considered a problem by everyone. Not surprising, taxation problems date back to the earliest recorded history” (Taxworld Organization, 1999). Developing countries, perhaps …

Taxation and E-commerce

1                    Introduction             The “Global Economy” is already upon us. It is no longer a future to be discussed at leisure, rather, it is a reality that has been too long ignored. The taxation of e-commerce is a complicated and serious problem facing today’s governments: the need to balance government’s …

Government Should Not Impose Windfall Profit Tax on Banks

Introduction The government has proposed imposing windfall profit tax on bank that benefited form Trouble Assets Relief Program (TARP) funds, as a mitigating factor to respond to the recent economic crisis.  The recent economic crisis has been described as the worst since the Great depression. Since 2007, economic meltdown, which …

Payroll Taxes

What is Up with Having Payroll Taxes? Taxation on payroll is affecting many people in their everyday lives. There are several reasons why taxation on payroll should not occur. These reasons include money going to welfare and funding government programs; which in this case, is taking away money from the …

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