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Comparision of ‘Suicide In the Trenches’ and ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’

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Tennyson and Sassoon both had different approaches to war. By studying their poems we discovered that Tennyson had never experienced war and was a normal poet. This maybe the reason why he had different views on war, and what actually happened during a war battle. Sassoon was an official war poet who had experienced war and had seen people die, and this obviously had a long-term effect upon him.

Both of the poems, ‘Suicide in the Trenches’ and ‘Charge of The Light Brigade depict death throughout their poems. Tennyson refers to death as honourable and noble, though Sassoon refers to war as suicidal using ‘Suicide as it’s main theme. Sassoon takes a slower approach to his poem building it up slowly to launch greater effect, and to show his hatred to the general public’s views on war. This is most likely due to his battle-wearied nature, and the long-term effect war had upon him. Although Tennyson is almost saying death is a good thing making the nobility of the soldier the more powerful.

Both of the poets depict war although Tennyson refers to war as honourable and noble and uses increased motions of nobility, hero fell, this is due to his lack of experience. Sassoon refers to war as suicidal as he has experienced it. He expresses this by telling us about how a young lad who was hungry and fed up with war Put a bullet through his brain. By reading this line Sassoon expresses how there is no way out of war, unless you commit suicide. At least it’s better than waiting for that moment. The sooner you die the better.

Both of the poets refer to certain aspects of war as hell. Tennyson refers to the battle in general as hell, into the mouth of hell. Tennyson is saying that once you’re in the battlefield you die which is why he refers to it as death. Sassoon refers to war as the hell where youth and laughter go. What he’s trying to say to the general public is once a young lad enters a battlefield his life will change; his personality will change and his views will change. The reason for this is because the young lad would’ve experienced things far beyond our belief.

The two poems describe soldiers but Tennyson speaks about soldiers in general, but Sassoon speaks about one certain soldier. The soldiers in the two poems die but they died for different reasons. The soldiers in ‘Charge Of the Light Brigade’ died for nobility and honour. The ‘soldier’ in ‘Suicide In The Trenches’ died because he couldn’t face war life and the effect it had upon him.

Both poets refer to the general public. Tennyson is in fact the general public as he isn’t a war poet. His views are the same as anyone else. Sassoon refers to the general public as Smug faced crowds with kindling eye. The reason Sassoon refers to the general public with this language is due to his anger and his opinions. Sassoon believes the general public need to know more about war and how it can affect people dearly.

Tennyson tries to use vivid imagery in his poem but this doesn’t entirely work out. Tennyson tries to use vivid imagery in ‘Charge of The Light Brigade’ to try to create vivid imagery in our minds. This fails, as it’s inappropriate in this poem. Though Sassoon uses vivid imagery and this creates image of living conditions in wartime. In winter trenches, cowed and glum, with crumps and lice and lack of rum.

Tennyson and Sassoon both use rhythm and rhyme technique called. The first stanza of ‘Suicide In The Trenches’ starts off like a childish rhyme, and Sassoon’s use of juxtaposition contrasted a big change in tone from childish sing along to horror wartime epic. Tennyson uses rhyme in every line of his poem although the last 2 sentences in each stanza don’t rhyme and this is because Tennyson believes they are important so the should stay in our minds.

There are a few metaphors in Suicide in the Trenches but these are inappropriate as the poem isn’t about poetry, it’s actually about suicide in the trenches. Tennyson uses metaphors as his poem is about poetry. Valley of death and mouth of hell are some examples of metaphors used throughout his poem.

Tennyson uses a lot of repetition in his poem, as he tries to pass out his message about how noble these soldiers are and how they should be recognised for their bravery. Honour the light brigade, noble six hundred. Sassoon doesn’t use repetition of this format. His repetition is about the living conditions soldiers live through; the reason being is partly because he lived in the trenches, being a war poet he stayed in the trenches for a considerably long time.

Overall both poets have different views on war although; Tennyson’s poem is historically twisted and terribly biased, but Sassoon’s was a historical piece of evidence due to him being an official war poet his ear experience. Tennyson believes war is human nature, but Sassoon says war is horrid and how it affects people. The reason for this is probably the fact that Sassoon was too affected by the outcome of war and what it did to other people. The poets have different views on war and what it actually does

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