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Compare the Spanish and the British methods of colonization

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Compare the Spanish and the British methods of colonization. The British had colonization all over the world and the most abundant were Americas. I believe that the British methods of colonization have the similarities with the Spanish in the western hemisphere. Both Spain and Great Britain’s goal of colonization was conquest, settlement, and rule over the hemisphere. Spanish were motivated by Catholic Church and expectations of treasures (gold), glory, and the return to Spain wealthy. Spanish exploration and colonization starts with Christopher Columbus in 1492 and gradually accelerates as the Spanish Empire expands there settlements. The Spanish start in the Caribbean island and steadily expand to include Central America, most of South America, Mexico, what is known today as the Southwestern United States, the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of North America and Alaska. When Christopher Columbus arrived in one of the Caribbean island at very first, the Spanish people wanted to find China to get a cultural exchange but they didn’t.

But instead of that, they found an unknown land with the fill of people that received them with arms wide open. Spanish people were fascinated with the prosperous of that land and the land people, Indians, were surprised at Spanish’s enormous ships. I believe that Indians thought they could leave that land and live better life with Spanish ships but Spanish people’s plans were completely different with the Indians. They were ambitious and as soon they had the opportunity to take over them they just did. I can see the Spanish were violent in this part. At that time, they had a really big army and they wanted to ruled and settled down in order to find gold to make their country wealthier and powerful just like their purpose to go there. Spanish king wanted to get more gold; therefore, he sent to more army to get gold more.

However, they couldn’t get much gold at that time and they killed so many Indians with their own way and it was very shocked to remaining Indians. The outcomes of their methods of colonization made Indians destroyed and returned to Spain wealthy. Of course, I do not think it is right way to return to their country wealthy. Now, let me talk about British’s methods of colonization. As I told at the first of my essay, their methods of colonization have some similarities with the methods of Spanish but outcomes and expectations from colonization were totally different with the Spanish. The English also get to the new world where the Spanish went in 1492, however; it was not by a king or queen’s request like the Spanish. There were various reasons why the American Colonies were established. The three most important reasons of English colonization of America were religion, economics, and government. The most important reasons for colonization were to seek refuge, religious freedom, and economic opportunity. The Spanish used Indians for cultivate their land because the Indians were a very intelligent civilization. Spanish also took over their resources such as corns and spices by force. The Indians never had the chance to defend their territory; they fought against gun, cannons and the big army of the Spain.

Whereas, when the British go to India for their own will they wanted something different a new place to live and raise their families at and they were very different from the Spanish in the beginning. Also, they found freedom and more lands where they can work and create a new civilization that Spanish did not find. At first, they just wanted to be friends with the Indians but Indians kind of trying to defend their territory from the British because Spanish did really violent to Indians. Indians remembered what Spanish people did to them long time ago and that’s why they had closed their mind to British people. Thus, they had a problem with the Indians so the British started to do what the Spanish people did, they took over by force everything they wanted and that how the American colonization begun. Overall, I believe that the Spanish methods of the colonization were also very bad. They killed Indians just for their satisfaction. Actually, British did wrong either just like the Spanish did it even if they did not want to kill the Indians at the beginning. I believe that all of this happens occurred because of the Spanish people killed Indians and controlled them by force in 1492. That’s the big reason to the British people did to Indians same as the Spanish people did to Indians and that is why American colonization begun.

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