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Compare and Contrast of Nigeria and South Africa

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Nigeria and South Africa have had many problems throughout history, but they are currently working to make peace and improvement. One major problem faced is how the black natives are being treated. In both Nigeria and South Africa are being mistreated by the westerners and that is one of the many problems they are currently trying to fix.

In Nigeria many different problems occur. For example, Chief Moshood Abacha had many of his political opponents arrested and had political parties suspended because he feared they will overthrow him. Also many of the blac natives were made slaves by the westerners. Another problem is that there was no limit on emissions and that mixed with the frequent oil spills has caused soil ndepletion, rapid deforestation, and desertification. Right now Nigeria is working hard to rebuild their nation and overcome these problems.

In South America about 80% of the population was in poverty. There is also a lot of child prostitution. Most of the blacks and whites are not allowed in the same areas and are segregated. The apartheid caused many of the blacks to be mistreated by the whites and the government. South Africa is also the largest polluter in Africa. The black risistane was then organized to be the African National Congress led by Nelson Mandela.

Eventhough these are two different countries they still have many of similarities. In both countries the governments are corrupt and have stolen the money borrowed causing the country to be largely in debt. Also eventhough that guys beating on women is a huge problem, the government does not convict the guys that comit this crime. As a result of many citizens in thes countries misusing the land, desertification has spread. These are some of the problems that affect both Nigeria and South Africa.

Since both Nigeria and South Africa suffer from many serious problems, they are working hard to stop them. Currently some of these problems have became better. The government has worked with the citizens to make the blacks and whites equal like they should be. But they are still not treated equally. Even being deeply in debt these two African countries are working hard to repay their debt.

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