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Causes and Effects of Child Abuse

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Have you ever wondered what actually causes parents to abuse their children? If so, you are reading the right essay. For the past day I have researched about child abuse and really got the understanding and sympathy for all the children affected by this crime. Not only is this crime known throughout the world, but the law takes child abuse as a crime and calls for a certain penalty. Child abuse refers to mistreatment of children that occurs physically, mentally or sexually. Physical child abuse involves mistreating children physically, through hurting them, denying them food, beating them excessively or giving them hard labor. Mental child abuse happens when the abuse affects their emotions. This includes abusing them, saying words that hurt them. Sexual child abuse is when any man or woman force children to get sexually involved in any type of way, talking to them inappropriately, or touching them inappropriately. Child abuse has many causes. The first cause of child abuse involves low family income levels. This issue makes parents physically abuse children by forcing them to work in order to help the family gain money for their basic needs. Because of this, children work to get money for their families. The child can also become stressed due to education and hard labor and cause for a mental/ physical breakdown.

The differences in cultures also cause child abuse. The way cultures discipline their children differ across the world. Certain cultures punish their children by beating them while others punish their children by denying them certain things or activities. The third cause of child abuse involves family problems. These may result from the death of one or both parents. For example, the story of Cinderella shows abuse that Cinderella is getting from her stepmother and step siblings. These events show the failure of families to take the responsibility of caring for children. The father to Cinderella had married the second wife after her mother died, to take care of Cinderella. However, the stepmother does not fulfill her responsibility, when the father to Cinderella died. Instead of treating her with the love, she gave to her own children, she mistreats and abuses Cinderella, to the point of allowing her daughters to also abuse her. This shows a failed family responsibility. Child abuse has many effects. Most children who suffer child abuse experience emotional and physical problems. The child may display the effects or not. However, the effects that arise because of child abuse may force these children to lose hope, lower their self-esteem and self worth and may commit suicide.

When I first researched about child abuse I got sickened to the point where I was grateful to be blessed with a family that loves and cares about me. I also have sympathy for all those children. I have read many stories about children dying of child abuse, and children who have run away from home to escape abuse. I believe that the government isn’t doing enough to stop child abuse, but that’s my opinion.

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