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Case Study Crime Scene Cleaners, Inc

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Crime Scene Cleaners, Inc. (CSCI) company started by Neil Smither, specializes in homicide, suicide, and accidental death clean up. Crime scene cleaner’s makes money by doing the stuff that no one else wants to do. It has gone from a small startup to one of the top hazardous material disposal company in the country (Crime Scene Case). It has been successful because of clever business strategy. The CEO of this company should know that success of the company will make the company to face many threats. He should also know that as this company is expanding, the competitive threats are increases.

As a strategic advisor, I will advise the CEO that if he wants his company to be still at the top and wants to me more successful, he needs to change some aspect of his strategic to avoid the threats. The CSCI faces threat from competition with large cleaning services companies and the threat of new entrants (External Analysis). So, if this company makes a strategic move than they could avoid these threats. Throughout this paper I will discuss these threats and also discuss what steps should CEO take to make changes in his business strategic.

According to the external analysis I found that the biggest threat to CSCI is from large corporations, who already exist from long time and well established (External Analysis). As the demand for crime scene clean-up is increasing and there is not lot of companies doing this work. These large corporations might consider this and start the crime scene clean-up business. They only have to take a step to start because they are well established and their brand name is already out there. Neil Smither, the CEO of CSCI need to consider this and take some kind of steps to avoid this threat.

In my opinion he should think about expanding his company as franchise. He should sell his franchise to more people and train them as professional (External Analysis). After their training these people should go to different states and open up offices in different parts of the state. It seems hard to do this but he has past experienced in training people and sending them to different area. He can use that experience to expand it more. He already has his people working in Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California.

Once he has done this then his company will respond faster to clients in more location in the country. The other thing he should do is to establish his company brand name. He could do that by advertising the company. In my opinion brand name will help the company a lot. He has done some of this already by painting company brand name on the trucks and also donated T-shirts with company name on it. He also appears on some of TV and radio show. The steps he took to build brand name is good. He should do more by calling on press while his company cleaning the crime scene.

So they can be on news and newspaper that CSCI professional team was at the crime scene to clean up the mess which is dangerous but they do it to bring the place back to normal. He should also works hand in hand with law enforcement agencies, medical examiners, police department, and first aid squads. This all will help the company to establish their brand name. Once their brand name is out there more people will attract to this company and no one has to deal with unattended, sudden, and violent death alone. The next thing CSCI should identify their customer.

According to the web site, they serve, “law enforcement, coroners, public service agencies, hotels, motels, homeowners, landlords and other commercial properties” (Crime Scene Case). After identifying who there customers are they should assure their entire customer that they provide the high quality of service. The service they would provide should be discreet and they should be sensitive to all their clients need. CEO of this company should also keep in mind that the clients comes first, and they will take every precautions to ensure their safety while at the same time ensuring the safety of their neighbors.

While providing the crime scene cleaning service to their clients they should also provide their respective insurance company directly with anything that may be needed in order to help them to process a claim reimbursement of service rendered. The company should be able to supply a written report and photographs if necessary. The other high quality service they can offer is that they can provide vehicle that are unmarked or minimal lettered, is to not draw attention from passers by. This should be top priority of CSCI to maintain their client’s dignity and respect their privacy.

As they already have quick response time within receiving their clients call. They should keep this up and try to response more quickly. They should notify the clients immediately if for any reasons there is to be a delay. They should understand that the sensitivity of such situations and importance of a timely response to their clients. Once all this service is offer by CSCI then all clients will be assure that they will get good quality of service. CSCI should also understand the urgent need to have a home or business returned to a safe state. They should hire more employees and train them as professional worker.

Blood borne Pathogen training should be required for all of their staff. If their workers are trained as professional workers, they would be great help to bring more clients to the company. They should hire more retired police officers and detectives because they have received the finest training available by their respective police agencies. Each employee should be train in hazardous materials, biohazards, and borne pathogens. This is serious business and if one is not properly trained in this field, and then he or she should not attempt this sort of work. CSCI should take advantage of this because they have trained workers in this field.

After the company is well established and offer high quality of service. Then the next step Neil should take to lower prices for clean up because not all clients can afford the price. If he lowers prices then more clients will attract to this company. So, if more clients get services from this company then they earn more money. More money they earn and there will be more profit. The other thing Neil should do that instead of just offering crime scene cleaning he should also offer other cleaning service. For example they should be equipped to repair or replace damaged walls, floors, doors, etc.

All these services will bring more clients and this company will satisfy their need. Once the CSCI will achieve all these steps then they will be able to avoid all the threats that they are facing and will face in future. One last thing I would recommend to the CEO is that he should have mission statement look like this: CSCI offer professional help and services to all people regardless of their economic status, always be compassionate without losing focus in the field, and continue to educate the company and its staff so we may maintain the highest possible standard.

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