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Army safety

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Every military installation has traffic safety rules that must be followed by all personnel that are permanent party of the installation or visitors. Even though each installation might have slightly different rules they all generally have the same purpose. The purpose of traffic safety rules in a military installation is to create a safer environment for all personnel on the installation. All these rules come from the installation management command; each military installation has an installation management command although the names may differ for each branch of service. The command was put in place in order to establish and manage all installation rules and other installation matters that deal with personnel.

There are many traffic rules that are in place to ensure the safety of each Soldier, DOD civilians, and families. Even though these rules are put in place many times we become complacent and ignore them. Even though there are put in place to ensure the safety of everyone in the installation it is not guaranteed that everyone will follow them. I have seen a lot of measures put in place in order to stop people from breaking the rules but, it is only effective when law enforcement is actually in place and vigilant to ensure that soldiers and civilians are adhering to all traffic laws. Three of the traffic laws that are constantly broken are driving under the influence, speeding and talking or texting while driving.

Driving under the influence is one of the major traffic offenses in a military installation. Soldiers do tend to get away with this offense the majority of the time until he or she is caught. Driving under the influence does not only put a soldier in danger but also the life of innocent bystanders. From time to time check points are conducted in order to apprehend and reprimand those who chose to break the law and drive under the influence. Many soldiers and innocent bystanders have been hurt or if not lost their lives because of driving under the influence.

Speeding is a more than frequent offense in a military installation. The speed limits in a military installation are known to be a lot less than speed limits found on post. In Fort Knox the highest speed limit is 45 on Wilson road and the lowest is 15 in residential areas. Military Police are always vigilant in Fort Knox and apprehending and citing personnel who break this law. When someone is constantly caught speeding on post he may be subject to losing his driving privileges.

Talking or texting while driving is one of the biggest offense’s in a military installation. In my opinion many personnel become very complacent with and frequently break this rule it is about the easiest rule to break worldwide. It is very dangerous to talk or text while operating a motor vehicle because it causes a lot of distraction that takes your focus away from the road and the wheel. Rules are rules and must be followed always.

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