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A Dreadful Road Accident

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To be favorite means to be one’s after heart or the dearest to someone. Different people have different choices. Some people like National Heroes, family members like father and mother and many other personalities. But I am one of the fortunate of them who like their mothers. With me, my mother is the best woman in the world. No one can replace her in my heart. I admire my mother, I don’t know why she is always busy with daily chores, taking care of my family but she never say she is tired. “A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s” Every day, she is the first person in my family, who wakes up very early. Then, she makes breakfast for my family. When my father goes to work, I go to school, my mother stays home and does all the daily chores.

When my father and I come home, there is always a delicious dinner, which is waiting for us. After the dinner, my mom washes the dishes. Sometimes, I ask her to help, but she says: “It is fine, you should go upstairs and do your homework”. Mom always wake up very early, and Mom is the last person can take a break after a busy day. I realize that without my Mom, my father and I cannot have the clean house, the delicious meal and the clothes which always iron straight. Mom gives me and my father all her love. “Moms truly are the most selfless beings on the planet”

She loves us more than herself. Her love for us is great like the ocean, the universe and nothing can replace it. She is not only my mom, she is also my friends, my big sister, who I can share all my problems and stories in life with. When I am sad, happy or stressful, Mom is always by my side and comfort me. Sometimes, I get angry with my mom because she remind me too much things, especially they are all things I know. Then, I realize that she just wants me- her son to be good. “Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever” Mom, you gave me everything but you never ask me to pay back. You are the best, the greatest woman in this world and in my heart. I love you forever. I am happy when I have you by my side to take care of me, to protect me and to give me your love. I am happy when I am your son. In the future. I will be a successful adult in life and I can take care of myself. But in my mother’s eyes, I know that I am always her little son as I was.

Accidents are fatal and most of them are frequent. In our country life is very cheap. Nobody cares for the safety of others. The bus drivers, the taxi drivers and those who travels on motorcycles and scooters drive recklessly, uncareful of the result. The long and time consuming court procedure and bribery save these drivers and they continue to crush people to death. It seems that: “The only cheap thing in our country is the life of human being” One day while, I was waiting for the bus at Numaish, suddenly I saw two buses coming from Saddar. Both the buses were of the route 4K and were trying to overtake each other, running side by side. All of sudden there was a big bang and the two buses overturned crushing few motorcycles and a car with its occupants. People stood stunned for a while and looked at the buses then they rushed to take the injured and the deceased out. It was too difficult to take people out of it. However a few thin and lean persons smashed the window and entered into the bus. It was very difficult to take the injured persons out.

The injured people were moaning and unconscious. The glass infront of the driver was fully smashed and the injured people were taken out through this opening The road was closed. Dead bodies drenched in the blood and the groaning injured passengers were laid on the road. Nobody could move an injured person without the permission of police. They arrived after one hour. Meanwhile the persons who could have been saved with immediate medical attention, had died due to heavy bleeding, those who were still alive were rushed to Civil Hospital and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. The road, the bus and the motorcycles and car were badly damaged and red stained. Those persons who were on the motorcycles and car, all crushed to death. This was indeed a painful scene for all the spectators. The road was opened and all the vehicles were removed and everything once again come to its routine. I can never forget this tragetic accident. I still interrogate myself that the nations are exploring space but why we, as a nation could not even manage a traffic system, even after the half century of our independence.


Terrorism is not just word but ideology that suffered this world a lot. There are many countries of the world that are facing this threat in their parts. Important thing is that all countries are trying to counter it but terrorism increased. Pakistan is also the victim of this terrorism. In fact it is suffering a lot than any other country. The reason of that is its big functional boundary associated with big countries of the world like India, Iran, Afghanistan and China. As Suman Pokhal says: ” Every morning I wake up with the news of bloodshed. I feel my body desperate to know whether I am still alive” In last UN Convention in which all the heads of the state were present, PM India Man Mohan Singh said “Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism” and all the people that were sit in that convention endorsed his statements without considering that Pakistan gave lot of lives in this fight of terrorism, army men and also public. Today, bomb blasts and suicide bombing is normal thing for the people of Pakistan. Many Pakistanis are dying in these blats but they are facing it by bravery. But the whole world is pointing to us as a terrorist state. What a shame?

There is no official government that can say truth to the world and to the citizens of Pakistan but they are still seeing towards leadership. This is happening with us because of our slavery and corrupt leadership that made such decisions and policies through which we are reached at the edge of another partition. Our establishment launched Jihad to rescue the people of Afghanistan against USSR. We defeated USSR badly with the help of USA and got huge success. Now the scenario has been totally changed for the last 10 years. USA replaced USSR and is fighting against these Afghanis that were fighting with USA against USSR.

Pakistan played the same role and is helping USA against those Afghanis. Presently Pakistan is considered as an infidel (Kafir) state by these Pakistani Talibans. So Pakistan is facing different war scenes. TTP which has the origin of Pakistan is fighting against Pakistani state and Afghani Taliban is fighting against USA in Afghanistan. This war is continuously going and USA is ready to leave this region but what about Pakistan? Pakistan has to do something to get rid of this problem because after going of USA Pakistan will become prime target for both of them which will be very deadly detrimental for Pakistan and it should plan something long term to make itself safe from these coming situations.


To be favorite means to be one’s after heart or the dearest to someone. Different people have different choice. Some like story books, other like the detective novels and the other like science fiction but I have different mind. I do not have any favorite book of those. I like the Holy Quran the most. It is a heavenly book. The Holy Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him). It is in Arabic language. It is the Holy book of the Muslims. The Muslims love to recite it. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said ”You should envoy upon two persons, one is to whom Allah Almighty has bestowed Quran and the one who recites it day and night” I get satisfaction after reciting the Holy Quran, That’s why it is my favorite book. Every morning I love to recite the Holy Quran.

I recite it with its English translation. There is a lot of information in it. Every Muslim has a firm belief in it. It tells us about this life and the life hereafter. We should act upon its teaching. We should live according to its rules. Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “The Holy Quran is superior and excellent to everything other than Almighty Allah (SWT)” The Holy Quran is a solution to every problem. By acting upon it we can create heaven in this world. It is a complete code of life. It not only deals with the worldly affairs but also with affairs of the world hereafter. It gives us complete guidance. There are clear injunctions about our life in the Holy Quran. Every aspect of our life has been discussed in detail in it. That is why it is the supreme law of our country as well. “The Quran breaks hard hearts and heals broken hearts”

Only the Holy Quran is the most read book. Usually a book is read only once or twice but the Holy Quran is read over and over. It is the only book which a large number of people have learned by heart. They recite it during their prayers and especially during the month of Ramadan. It is the only book which is recited without knowing its meanings. Although man should learn the meaning of it yet without knowing its meanings man can read it. Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “The most honorable and noble from amongst my Ummat are the memorizers of the (Holy) Quran and those who (stay) awake (for worshipping)”

This book is guidance for all of us. It tells us what reward we can get if we do good deeds and what punishment would be awarded in case of bad deeds. We can get physical as well as spiritual guidance from it. We can not only live a good life here but also can have better life later. By putting into practice we can succeed in both the worlds. “Read the Qur’an, It will show u how simple life can be” In short, the Holy Quran is for the whole universe. It is for everyone. It is for the believers. It can bring revolution in man’s life. It can man’s life great. Man’s progress depends on it. There can be peace all over the world if we live according to the teaching of the Holy Quran

I have a strong aim in my life to become a Engineer. It is said that aimless life is a miserable life. Aimless life is like that when a person starts journey but he don’t know that has to go in which direction. An aimless life is like a person without destination. So it is necessary to have a life with clear aim that you know in which way you want to go and what is your destination. I believe that everyone should strive for excellence and follow their dreams. “An early death is better than an aimless life”

There are many reasons for why I want to partake in becoming an engineer. I want to become an engineer because my aim is to become an engineer. I want to do a work that is according to my taste and interest. Engineering is a career that attracts me and I am a fan of math and physics. It is a versatile profession. An Engineering degree has better career prospects than any other field. “Having an aim is the key to achieving your best”

There are amazing jobs options and employment prospects. Using the knowledge of Engineering I want to solve and analyze different problems. I have chosen this field because I want to use my skills for the benefit of society. I know there is a tough competition among the students when getting admission in an Engineering college so I am properly doing hard work. This profession is my personal choice and my parents are also happy with my decision. “Ambition makes a man energetic and active”

I am doing great efforts to achieve my goal because I know I don’t have a strong family background so I want to support my family. This is the main reason behind my choice. I want to do Engineering from a good University because I want a good job after the completion of my professional education. I am happy because I have chosen my favorite profession. “Man who has ambition to be considered as the best among good men” Whatever other think of my aim. I am satisfied that this aim is according to my taste and nature. Going against it would result in nothing but harm and confusion of mind.

Annual prize distribution function is a red letter day in the life of every student. It comes once in a year for which every student of the school wait impatiently. It generates new enthusiasm in the school Like other years this year too the function attracted hall-packed audience consisting of parents, students and teachers. The school was beautifully decorated. The director of Education was invited to grace the occasion as Chief Guest. The preparations for the function had started a month earlier. Students, teachers and supervisors participated with zeal and zest. The great hall where function was to be held was decorated very nicely with pictures, charts and colorful buntings. A beautiful table and some chairs were placed on the stage and a special chair giving honour to the Chief Guest.

After the arrival of Chief Guest the function started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. It was followed by the welcome address presented by the principal. Then the Chief Guest gave away prizes, certificates, cups and medals to the students who had made outstanding achievements in curricular and co-curricular activities. Brilliant students, remarkable debaters, sportsmen and prefects were given awards in never-ending noise of cheering band clapping. After the effective speech of Chief Guest, the principal got up and thanked him. Thus, the function came to an end with the singing of National Anthem. All of us returned our home with the sweet memory of this function.

As we turn over the pages of history, we come across the development made by men in different walks of life over the centuries. From the primitive age to the modern computerized era, every step of man has proved to be the milestone in the history of civilization. It has worked wonders in our lives, but it cannot be said that it is altogether a blessing. In order to understand the creative and destructive aspects of modern science, we stand in need of analysis that will help us to differentiate between good and bad. As we looked at the brighter side of the achievements of science, we come to realize that there is hardly any sphere of life that has not been enhanced by the creative abilities of man. In the field of medical science, knowledge and research has gone to such an extent that almost all the ailments have found a cure. The threatening clouds of death no longer haunt the patients who were otherwise filled with despair.

Epidemics have been wiped out, nutritional standard have been improved, drug therapy has been recognized and hygienic conditions are being created so that the new generation may enjoy a longer and better life. “Science may led is more up of mistake but the mistakes which it is useful to make because they led little to the truth” In the realm of communication, modern scientific inventions have helped a lot. The far flung corners of the world have been linked together with a wide spread air network. Distances have lost their meaning and thousands of miles can be covered within hours. Travelling today is not only swift, but also full of pleasure and luxury. “Science of today is the technology of tomorrow”

As we cast our eyes on the other side of the picture, we cannot help coming to the conclusion that science is also the monster of death and destruction. Man has gained knowledge in the field of science, but due to lack of wisdom, he is misusing this knowledge. All big nations are thinking of fulfilling the dream of becoming the super power. The wars of today are not limited to the battlefield. It brings about epidemic killing of the civilian population. “Power is always dangerous, power attract the worst and corrupt the best” Looking at the two aspects of modern science, we conclude that science by itself is neither good nor bad. It is the will and intension of man, which makes him, put it to constructive use or takes it to the path of devil.

Before I discuss the topic Islam and terrorism I would like to expose Islam and what is the concept of peace in Islam. The root of word Islam refers to making peace being in a mutually peaceful environment, greeting rescue, safety being secure, finding peace and being far from danger. Quran asks that all humanity should embrace peace and remind us to avoid following Satan as stated in the verse. “O you who believe come in full submission to God, all of you (without allowing any discord among you due to worldly reasons) do not to follow in the footsteps of Satan for indeed he is a manifest enemy to you” In Islam the right to life is an absolute value. He who kills a person a person unless it be (In legal punishment) for murder or for causing disorder and corruption on the Earth will be as if he had killed all human kind. The propaganda of west which gives fake and illegitimate interpretations about Islam that Islam is a religion of violence. But Islam is actually a religion of peace. To understand Islam’s stance on terrorism one must refer to the original sources of Islam.

The Quran and Hidyat of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) which are explicit in their prohibition of any form of injustice including that of violence which seeks fear, injury and death to civilians. Islam prohibiting oppression and safeguard rights, it commands its faithful to deal kindly and compassionately to all those who seek to live in peace and harmony “Allah forbids you not with regard to those who fight you not for your faith nor drive you out of your homes from dealing kindly and justly with them. For Allah loves those who are just” The message of the Quran is clear we have seen, that sanctity of any human life is to be respected and any violation in that regard is Premont to the worst crime. The Prophet soldiers from killing woman and children and He would advise them do not betray, do not be excessive.

Do not kill a newborn child and He also said he who has killed a person having treaty with the Muslims shall not smell the fragrance of paradise. The act of inciting terror in the hearts of defend less civilians, the bombing and killing of innocent man, women and children are all forbidden in Islam. Muslim should follow a religion of peace, mercy and forgiveness and vast majority have nothing to do with the violent events. Terrorism does not have any identity, a religion ethic country. Now it is the need of time that all Muslim countries should take a strong stance against terrorism to protect Islam’s image around the world.

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