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As an undergraduate from Yale, I will be remembered as an excellent student with a passion for science and medicine. My interest in organic chemistry, biochemistry and engineering inspired my decision to enter a health-related career. During my training at Yale, I will discover my unique talents and develop them to the best of my ability. I will be remembered as an energetic scientist and researcher who accepted great challenges and achieved aggressive goals.

My peers at Yale will be my fellow students, faculty members and advisors. All will remember me as a loyal friend, an enthusiastic person and a dedicated student. In addition to performing well in my classes, I plan to teach and assist professors with scientific research. These endeavors will make me a better scientist and make a lasting contribution to the school. Through our collaborative research projects, my professors will discover my sincerity, strong work ethic and commitment to excellence. Our contributions to science and medicine will be published in journal articles for peer review.

My fellow students will remember my academic success and my commitment to helping others. I will be a patient tutor, an excellent teacher and an exemplary role model for new students. During stressful times, I will lighten the mood with my sense of humor and my willingness to take risks. I will eagerly participate in technical discussions and seminars, asking intelligent questions and joining in lively debates. Blessed with strong self-confidence, I don’t fear making mistakes or appearing foolish. As I gain exposure to new fields and technologies, I will be an aggressive proponent of new research techniques. My personal contribution will honor Yale’ fine reputation for state-of-the-art medical research.

My strongest professional reference will be from Professor H. Jamison in the Department of Medical Science, my supervisor during summer internships and the coordinator of my independent research program. In both my personal and professional endeavors, Dr. Jamison is an inspiring role model. With his encouragement, I will fully develop my academic potential and learn to aggressively tackle scientific challenges. Dr. Jamison will remember me as a standout in the large pool of distinguished scientists and professionals in the Yale community.

Through my casual participation in sports, my friends will remember me as a gregarious guy who loved to have fun and be physically fit. My strongest impact on campus will be my commitment to working with new students in the student outreach program. Through mentoring and guidance, I will help new freshmen maximize their academic potential and find their niche on campus. In addition to developing my leadership and organizational skills, mentoring will also provide a tremendous sense of personal satisfaction. Yale enjoys a strong reputation for nurturing the unique talents of each student. As an upperclassman, I will give back to the campus community the same enthusiasm and support I initially received.

Ultimately, my reference letters from my college professors will be in support of my candidacy for an academic or industrial position in science or medicine. I am certain that they will remember me as a talented scientist, a dedicated researcher and a genuinely nice person. They will cite my academic success and independent research, along with my strong interpersonal skills and nurturing disposition. With my positive mental attitude and dedication to succeed, I will be perceived as a valuable contributor to my profession and a strong candidate for future success.

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