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What dreams do Americans share?

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I don’t think there is one person in this country who doesn’t dream the “Ameican Dream”. I think the most important dream is that everyone wishes to be accepted in society regardless of race, religion, beliefs or their sexual preference. I honestly believe that there is no reason why we all can’t get along. What’s the problem people? I know a lot of people are trying to help make this world a better place, and I think that’s great, but I really think more people should get involved. To help make our future better for us and our children. It should be everyone, but I know you can’t get everything you want.

I don’t think it’s fair the way people treat other people just because of their race or their religion. I don’t understand why someone can prejudice another person just for these reasons. Some people try and blame it on the past. For example, whites hating blacks and using them as slaves because I believe they were afraid of them. I think that was cruel treating them in such menial fashions. Another example of cruel behavior is the Holocaust. There aren’t enough words to describe how unhuman I thought that tragedy was. The horrifying pictures I saw were unbearable. I wanted to cry. How could someone have so much hatred in their heart? To nearly wipe out a whole race, just because of their religion or ancestrial backround. There isn’t an excuse for why the dream of people being treated fairly and respectfully can’t come true! There is something terribly wrong with society today, the hatred a lot of people have against homosexuals.

I don’t understand why people have such negative feelings towards them. I’m Catholic and I believe in God and everything but I honestly think people are afraid. Besides I believe God loves us know matter what. It kills me to read and hear about teens being kicked out of their homes and end up on streets. Many teens eventually commit suicide because they’re afraid to tell someone because today’s society has struck fear into their hearts. It really upsets me to know that parents and even close friends can just turn on you. The dream of being accepted in society for who you are and not for what sex you prefer has no excuse for not coming true. People have to learn to except someone based on their indivdual knowledge of that person and not the general prejudice that society and the media give us.

I know I’m young and I sound well kind of dumb saying I don’t understand this and that, but honestly I believe I’m not the only one with this misunderstanding. I think a lot of people my age and older have the question of “Why isn’t society accepted regardless?”, but it’s just that type of question with no “real” answer. In the meantime till we can find the real answer we’ll just keep dreaming the American Dream.

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