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Unity is strength

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If united a smallest nation rises
If discord a powerful country falls. Men were bound within the stone age then they came together and formed family again society community gradually country finally a long tale of the world where the terminology ‘Unity’stand as vivacious virtue of the human world. Man is a rational being of the universe. He doesn’t have masculine claws as tiger, he can’t run as fast as leopard nor he can produce food for himself though the united force of people have supported them to possess conjuring power .They are lord of all and superior then any other beings of the world. Unity is the virtue of being oneness .It exists between the human civilization when every single individual harbour love ,eternal respect and will power to perform gainful activities as per the saying ‘United we stand divided we fall really’. Unity is our indispensable power and it develops the true feeling of brotherhood ,fraternity and oneness .Unity,therefore is the splendid spirit to create the blissful world .

All for one one for all .
-Alexander Dumas The world is the place where people of various castes, culture and languages are bound together inside the frontier of unity. The tenacity, their willpower and the spellbound choices have led the people to accomodate in various corridors. Unity is the stride to…….. success. Pricking the glorious walls of the world’s history we can sense the melodious symphony of unity. Our history has illustrated various spacious pole of unity for national development. The united force of the Indian student brought the spark of independence in India in 1947. Similarly the might of oneness among the people of Germany had saved their sovereignty during the devastating world wars. In the same way our country Nepal has become a country which is sung and honoured all over due to its motto “Unity in Diversity”. The soothing and scintillating brooks and meadows are the witnesses for it. Here the Nepalese people are bound within the walls of unity in spite of being a multilingual, multicultural, multireligion and a secular landmark. The valuable participation of hostel students of Amrit Science College in 2036 BS for the end of the Panchayat System and the united human force to weaken the despotic and tyrannical Rana Regime are some admirable success achieved through the spark of unity.

Give me hand in hand I will create a salubrious land.

Unity is power and it should be the major theme for your united action. Man can fly like a bird, they can step in the moon and shoot for the star. But no living beings can live a monotonous and gloomy life. They can’t have an isolated life. Otherwise our forefather will question us, “Whats the importance of civilization near the Nile and the Mesopotamia ?” However today’s world hasn’t deemed its role, its importance for nation development. The hunger, determination and vigilant intellectual of the youth can be of immense importance. If they are sowed together then only it can bring enormous changes and foster for development.

A seed sprouts a plant
One fist of seed creates a forest. Similarly a deer can’t get victory over the lion if it is tender, timid and alone. But it can defeat the strength of lion, if the deer is in mass. A drop of saliva can be transformed into a hulking ocean. Paradoxically, man is in the zenith of revolutionary chain and he is becoming the slave of the machine. Though science is boon to the mankind, it has also influenced for lonely life. Computer, television, mobile and many other devices are breaking the barrier of unity.  Defer not till tomorrow to get united and to be wise Tomorrow sun may never rise.

Every individual must carry the feeling of patriotism which will let the nation forward towards the ocean of unity. Especially these days youth are fascinated to live their life freely.In the name of freedom they ignore their parents, society and finally the entire world that may work havoc and devastation. Similarly we have problems of groupism in our society. The notorious and evil minded people form their own circle hatching the eggs of jingoism and wars. The entire world was fragmented and the agony of the atom bombs were destroying the world. The world wars 1 and 2 ,wars between India and Pakistan, the Anglo Nepal War was worsening the brotherhood between people. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were virtually in tears, Nepal (Aama) was consulting its people abandoning her own territory and even Iraq was in joy dropping sophisticated bombs starving its people to death. All the stories of melancholy resulted fragmentation but people can dope in their veins, keep hope of unity in their mind and once again march a head for the creation of the peaceful land.

We want to create the land of majestic beauties, harmonized and bloomed by the love affection devotion and determination of the man. Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were criticized for their oily black skin. Rosa Park was humiliated in the same mass but see Barack Obama has regained the lost grandeur of unity in the world’s grand stage. The united bunch of Thomas Alva Edison,Albert Einstein and John Milton had revolutionized the world. Now people who are piercing themselves with syringes and the same youth who are limiting their dream within Opium, Marijuana and tablets should be made aware about the strength of unity. Really our united work would glow up and show up the face of the evil minded people and obviously it will be a brand new welcome augury.If today is sunset tomorrow will be sunrise.Similarly if today we bond our country in unity, we will attend tomorrow for the entire world.

Without unity the army will be the bunch of gun wearing and same colour clothing people?

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