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“The Suitcase” Play Review

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The play, The Suitcase, is about two men meeting in the most unusual of ways. One is a night watchman at a train station, and the other is a traveling tramp with no place to sleep at. They argue about the ethical actions to do with a suitcase: to open it or not. And this is where the play’s story revolves.

Watching The Suitcase was a pleasure. The actors were delightful and they definitely gave justice to the characters that they played. Undoubtedly, the play’s production was a success. This was achieved by the excellent balance of the play’s design elements. The actors’ costumes greatly helped in setting the play’s genre. But, the most important element which secured the success of the production is the lighting. Lines and the characters’ expressions have been given appropriate lighting that the effect is stunning. The audience is drawn to the story.

It’s as if one actually sees the feelings of the characters as they speak. In this line where the watchman says to the man, “But it is an expensive coat we could sell it”, the light is focused on the watchman’s face. By doing so, the play more than captured the developing greed contrasted by the watchman’s unwavering loyalty to his job. The lighting helped in subtly reinforcing the mood and significant meanings that the play wants to convey.

Also, when the man said to the watchman, “Just my luck to hit on the most faithful employee. I was born unlucky”, the lighting dimmed to highlight the sarcasm expressed. Another good display of lightning can be seen when the old man uttered this line, “…and if this Bishop thinks he can claim it, he better find himself a lawyer”. Lightning is skillfully controlled and was focused on the old fellow’s face. This reinforced the subtle arrogance of the old man.

If the production didn’t employ good use and display of lighting, maybe the play didn’t came out as well as it did. This just goes to show that the design element of lighting is very vital to any production.

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The Suitcase (a play)

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