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Trifles Essays

Women During the Civil War

The bloodiest of wars in American History began in the Battle of Fort Sumter on April 12 of 1861 in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. Many Americans faced uncertainty as the first battle of many launched a bloody four year war between the North and South or better known as the …

Unhappy Malvio From Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”

All of humanity strives for happiness. However, not all pursuits of happiness are equally successful. At the end of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, unlike most of the other characters, Malvolio remains unhappy. Blaise Pascal’s Pensees give insight as to why Malvolio struggles to attain happiness which Malvolio views as a state …

A Not So Pocket-Sized Problem

When a man wants to place his loose change, phone, and even his wallet somewhere, he reaches straight for his pockets. However, a woman doesn’t have that sort of luxury, which raises the question, “Why do women have smaller pockets than men?” Throughout history, women’s fashion had not incorporated the …

The Most Significant Work Of Jean-Paul Sartre

“The Wall” written by Jean-Paul Sartre is a short story that is thought to be one of Sartre’s most significant writings. This fictional story expresses his existentialist ideals, furthermore, those ideals may be considered even more to be atheistic existentialism. Sartre differentiates the idea of man’s consciousness and that of …

What Is Nothing in Terms of Philosophy

You sit diligently at your computer, staring at a blank Word document. Your hands rest on the keyboard, but you have not moved them once. The white screen taunts you, and you feel overwhelming pressure and anxiety as your mind searches for an answer. “I have nothing to write about,” …

Writers and Their Ways of Conveying an Audience 

Every morning from Monday to Friday for 12 years of my life I woke up at 7 AM. Did I complain? Of course, I did! I disliked waking up early so much. Yet, I pushed through all those years and now I’m a college student. Now after reading two essays, …

Facts About Men That Women Might Not Know About

There are a lot of things women think they know about men. There are a lot of staples and stereotypes attached to men, which tamper with the image women have on them. However, here are some facts about men, admitted by men, that you might not have known. They Need …

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