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Facts About Men That Women Might Not Know About

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There are a lot of things women think they know about men. There are a lot of staples and stereotypes attached to men, which tamper with the image women have on them. However, here are some facts about men, admitted by men, that you might not have known.

They Need Some off Time

Men are very private being by nature. If you ever text your boyfriend “What are you doing?” and they say “Nothing,” trust me, it really is nothing. There are times when men feel the need to be free of all of their responsibilities and just enjoy a semblance of quiet and solitude.

Attention to Details

Men are not the type to notice trifles. Details go past their heads because they are more prone towards thinking of the bigger picture. This is far from being a bad thing as they take joy in everything instead of being nit-picky.

Random Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, men do not spend all of their time thinking of what to do next in their plan to control the world. Instead, you will find them thinking about some pretty nonsensical things. This is actually very healthy as it helps them clear their minds and relieve stress.


Yup, they have fears, too. Shocking, I know, but it remains true. Men have fears that range from the mundane to the otherworldly. You will find that they are often afraid of the unknown, and, sometimes, tiny lizards.

The Once Over

The once over men give women is, in fact, biological. They are drawn to staring at women appraisingly by a primal force that lead to the prosperity of humanity. It sounds ridiculous, but it stands true.


It might sound like a bit of stretch, but men are truly appreciative of the support they might receive. They do not receive all that often due to the “Men don’t need help” stereotype so, when they receive some, they do not take it for granted.

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