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The Stolen Party

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Please answer the questions in full sentences. Your answers should refer to specific events from the text. Provide direct quotations wherever possible. Reread the opening paragraph of the story. Why do you think the author begins this way? Why is it effective? I think the author begun this way because it was a really weird opening paragraph about a monkey at a birthday party which would make the reader want to read the full story to see what happens. This was effective because like I stated in my previous sentence a monkey at a birthday party is weird and this would just lull the reader to read more about this short story.

Consider the setting of the story. Where do you believe it takes place? What can the reader infer about the culture or society? What clues from the story lead you to this conclusion? I think this story took place in a mansion because Rosaura’s mom is a maid and usually in small houses you wouldn’t need a maid to clean and I also think the society is rich because they pay a maid to clean their house and maids aren’t cheap. “ It’s a rich people’s party. ”(Heker 1).

This quote is stating that the people Rosaura’s mom clean’s for a rich people because Rosaura got invited to a party by the people that they clean their house and her mom is saying that the people are rich. What is the inciting incident of the story? How do you know? I think the inciting incident is when Rosaura’s mom gives her permission to go and starched her Christmas dress. I know that’s the inciting incident because from their on the rising action starts happening. Also we were waiting to know if Rosaura could even go to the party which she desired.

What is the climax of this story? How do you know? I think the climax of the story is the part when she enters the kitchen and actually see’s the monkey. This is the climax because throughout the whole beginning of the story Rosaura and her mom argued about the monkey. Her mom thought that Luciana was lying but Rosaura, knew that she was telling the truth. Finally when she got in the kitchen she was so relieved that there was a monkey. What does cynical mean? In what ways is Rosaura’s mother cynical? Cynical means that you don’t trust anyone and you think that they are always lying.

Rosaura’s mom is cynical in a way that she doesn’t believe anyone when they say something. When Rosaura told her mom that there was a monkey at the party her mom kept telling her that she’s lying and that Rosaura is so gullible. , Despite her cynicism, Rosaura’s mother is also concerned with how her daughter is perceived. How does the reader know this? What does this reveal about Rosaura’s mother’s character? The reader knows that Rosaura was being perceived by the kids at the party because they were saying how no-one knew who she was and she didn’t belong there.

Also at the end instead of getting a yoyo or a bracelet like the other kids, she got two bills. Even though her mother has cynicism, she is still concerned about and cares for Rosaura. I could tell this because before the party she took out her Christmas dress and got her hair ready and got her pretty and nice. Explain the symbolic significance of the the title of the story. The symbolic significance of the title is that Rosaura’s party got “stolen”. Rosaura went to the party and while she was there people kept telling her that nobody there knew her and she wasn’t friends with anyone.

I think Rosaura was hired there to just clean up and be the magician’s assistant. Basically Rosaura couldn’t even enjoy the party. Explain how the author foreshadows the story’s ending. The author foreshadows the story’s ending by telling us how Rosaura was not supposed to be at the party and instead she should deserve a bigger gift than a yoyo or a bracelet because she was cleaning. He basically gave us a hint that Rosaura would get something different than the other kids. Create a thematic statement for this story. Support your choice with at least two quotations from the text.

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