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The Sons Veto

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  • Category: Fiction

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This story takes place in late nineteenth century, the Elizabethan period. The rank system was strongly prevailed. This story is about a woman, first a parlor’s maid then a vicar’s wife. She goes from extremes, first a simple world to high class then left alone as a widow. Sophy is more or less the main character of the story. The author describes sophy as a beautiful woman, but not in a way most people expect. She was soft spoken and gentle but never got used to higher-ranking world. Sam was an adamant and determined man, he attempted to court sophy before she get married, but in vain he appears again like a beacon of light in sophy’s dreary life. Randolph was never a happy-bay he never interacted or cared too much about his mother. Messages about the different sectors of society were clear back then the sort of sector you were from defined your lifestyle. For example, when the vicar married sophy they were forced to move so that people wouldn’t find out about their relationship. Also sophy’s grammar- ‘he have been so comfortable’ shows her history.

Although in a major part of the story sophy was alone, with nobody to watch her. She never took any major decisions without consulting her son. She remained tied to her original habits- as a parlor maid. She never acted truly independent of anyone. The most likely targeted audience would be young adults or even adults. The image or comparison made or seen often throughout the story would be between sophy and her son Randolph. They are quite opposite. Sophy still has the habits from lower part of the society. Randolph was more of a part of the higher society. He felt ashamed of his mother. Both of them would be unfamiliar with each other. The writer uses very elaborate vocabulary. Nothing is described with simple words. Others such as discernible, soft brown affectionate orbs, reverie, secluded etc. these words are very powerful and give a vivid image. The short story starts with a flashback of sophy. Her thoughts go back to her days as a parlor maid. She refuses Sam and marries the vicar. The moment she hurt her foot and became an invalid she as left alone, twenty years later she us a widow. Her son Randolph was distant. Eventually she meets Sam again, and she relives the happy moments. A relationship bosoms between them, however Randolph does not approve due to Sam’s rank in the society. Sophy was then left alone for the rest of her life. Then sophy has a flash back. She remembers her life until that day.

Then she continues her story from then onwards. The flash back shows her before the marriage and after. There are big contrasts between sophy and mr.twycott and sophy and Randolph. Mr. twycott and Randolph were both high class and well educated. They gave importance to reputation- more Randolph than Mr. twycott. Randolph was ashamed of his mother’s background. Sophy did not get as high an education as her son and husband got. She soon lest all those ‘artificial taste’ she had adopted from her late husband. Another contrast would be sophy’s lonely life as a widow, compared with her secret life in Sam’s company. There are no parallels present in this story. This is a third –person narrative, where in the author is narrating the story. Although the author is telling the story, it told from sophy’s point of view.

Randolph as a boy was never happy. He gave too much importance to his reputation and social status. I find that accepting people for who they are makes everyone including you so much happier. Had Randolph accepted his mother’s character they would have been so much close and content with each other.

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