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The Role of Alfieri in the Play

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This database is created for Varndean e-Learning so that John Burton can save his customers information on his computer system. Using this database he should be able to get a lot of information about any customer, including address, telephone number and name.

User Requirements

John Burton wants the system to be able to store customer information, their address, name, telephone number, What they have bought and how much they have bought. He also wants it to be able to print out reports as well, this will help him keep track of what the customers buy and how many customers buy the same product. It also has to be able to produce graphs so that John Burton can compare each product.

Information Sources

All my information came from the interview with John Burton told me what he would like and what the system has to be able to do. He also gave some information on how to make a good database using relationships.


The inputs are what the customers have purchased, how much they have purchased and what product they purchased from Vardean e-Learning. This will help John Burton find out what product is the most popular and what products are least popular. So it will help him to find out what products to improve more and which products are more useful for people.


The outputs are that purchased a product from Vardean, and what particular date it was purchased at. It wants to be able to tell John Burton this information so that it’s easier for him to work out what he wants and keep track of what’s been sold.

Stored Data

To store the data, we use a hard drive, which stores the customer information. A hard drive can store vas amounts of data. The stored data is split into 2 sections, they are as follows:

Section 1: Data of the customers, including name, address, telephone number, what was purchased and how much the product cost.

Section 2: Products we sell and who purchased what. What products were sold and the prices.


What was purchased and who purchased what. When the customers bought a product. John Burton also wants to see what profit he’s getting and keep track of all that’s been sold or returned due to disk failures. Computers or the telephone would pass this information. I would believe

System Implementation

1. Create Tables: – enter in values Customer name(set as primary Key), address, telephone number, what product was purchased, how many copies of the product was purchased and data purchased.

2. Create a Query using the simple Query wizard, insert all the available fields. Just click next until you get to the end, at the end click finish.

3. Create a form using the form wizard, select all the options that you want to have for the Form. Select the style you want. You should end up with something like this:

4. Now you have a Form and Query, you can create a report for the database so that John Burton can easily find the information of the customers and their details. Create report using the simple wizard in Microsoft Access. Insert all the available fields. Select the styles you prefer the report should look something like this.

5. You can also make the Query so that you type in a name and it will tell you about the customer, what he/she’s bought. To do this, when you run the Query under design view. Underneath where its says Customer Name, there is s a box saying criteria, in the box type in ” [the message] “. Where is says ‘the message’ put the message you want i.e. type in name of customer.

System Testing

Enter a random value of a person to test the database, you should find that when you enter the telephone number it wont have a 0 or it wont let you have it. Like so:

In the table’s tab, go and edit the table settings. Instead of using “number” as the data type, use Text so that you can put in a input mask which will allow you to input the 0 that you cant put in. Like so:

I’ve already set the input mask in, all you have to do is click the button at the side to set the input mask, it will have a wizard which will take you through and then the 0 problem will be solved like so:

One of the other problems is creating the graphs in Microsoft Excel. When you save as/Export the form, and open it in Microsoft Excel, when you have create a graph you may find the problem that it has a lot of values which have nothing to do with what you want. I.e. date purchased, address etc.

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