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The Plots Of Two Stories

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There have been various dramas, books as well films made on the good and bad deeds which any human commits as well as the response of his conscience of any such practice. Critics have always highlighted points which have created religious displeasure as well as social criticism in various cases, when books or dramas have been launched. In cases of extreme nature, actions relating to censorship and publication control have also be taken to curb the creation of discontent and clash of culture, and religious norms.

In this connection I would like to compare and contrast two very well written books which are very much related to social and religious issues, The Story of an Hour by Kate Choplin and Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Both these books are similar to a certain extent; however the flows of the stories as well as the central plots differ in a number of ways, which are compared to understand how the nature of both these websites differs.

The central ideas of both the books are relatively similar; however the portrayed constituents by the author are very controversial in nature. Both Kate Choplin and Nathaniel Hawthorne display a point that the power of good and piousness falls weak in front of evil impressions and devilish intentions.

The message delivered through these books is that the human mind is easily convinced to generate an evil thought and walk on a wrong path contrary to the fact that religion exists and some people take religion as the source of information and inspiration. The power of the human conscience and the fear of God are shown having a very minimal importance and this factor can act as a negative point and can attract attention of religious scholars are critics.

The human mind accepts the fact that God is the governing body of the entire humanity and it is he who guides humans at each every step of his life in the right and prescribed manner, hence it is the most important duty of every human begin to prevent himself from committing sins and committing righteous deeds for a better life in the hereafter. Both books show the human being as a weak character which agrees to devilish actions for a small worldly satisfaction and this is not a good public message.

 We read books to learn something and implement positive aspects for the betterment of our life. How ever both Kate Choplin and Nathaniel Hawthorne stress on the fact that negative actions may lead to success in life and the human mind has a very restricted intelligence level that he cannot avoid a wrong doing. Even a struggle or debate in the human mind is not shown which portrays that person is trying to revert back to the right path. In some ways the power of evil is shown above the supremacy of the almighty which can serve as the main negative constituent for both these books. The message that should be given by such books should be the eradication of evil and not its acceptance by the human mind in a simple and easy manner.

Secondly both these publications also project a weak husband wife relationship which can lead to social criticism. To a certain extent inhumanity is also portrayed for this form of relationship as the level of trust which is revealed is very minimal.  Both these books show that the trust between husband and wife carries a very minimal importance and can vanish away easily. This can lead to criticism from social organizations to a great extent.

Now as a comparative factor “The Story of an Hour ‘portrays a greater level of inhuman behavior and social negativity. It is just not human that woman is not grieved after hearing about her husbands death. Instead she is mesmerized after thinking that she has achieved some sought of freedom .The feeling which Mrs. Mallard has after some moments of hearing of her husbands death that she would preserve here left over life entirely for herself is in fact severe loneliness which every widow faces. T

hen the conclusion also portrays an indigestible end. Mrs. Mallard who is happy about her husband’s death and is relaxed after hearing about her husband’s death is so overjoyed after seeing him alive that she looses her life. These statements at first contradict a lot as far as their existence is concerned in the plot of the story. The main factor of inhumanity which can lead to social criticism is that there is sadness constituent to a negligible extent in case when the news of Mr. Mallard’s death is told.

On the other hand Young Goodman Brown can be criticized more on the religious notes as a matter of comparison with the” Story of an Hour “. The story gives more importance to devilish deeds and wrong doings to a greater extent as compared to Kate Choplin’s creation.

This creation by Nathaniel Hawthorne can hence come under severe religious criticism as it portrays how weak the human conscience is even in the presence of the Almighty and prefers evil deeds instead of the right path. This is very negative as it teaches to prefer the wrong over the right. It delivers an impression that following the route of sins can make accomplishments easy, hence it contradicts a lot or religious teachings which clearly explain that avoidance of devilish activities and sinful commitments is a harmful practice.

Every human being is taught to prosper in life in accordance with the religious teachings and positive approaches, a route filled with devilish ideas and sinful commitments leads to nothing but immense damage in the eternal life.

Hence a look at both these books generates some common conclusions. Both creations focus on the fact that how evil ideas and wrong commitments are accepted by humans as a short cut to satisfaction and success. Secondly there is no sign of the characters combating or even trying to stop the negativities in which they are venturing.

Both these books are very well written and versed, however when it comes to that what we learn from the out come, there is nothing positive achieved, the conclusion that is sculptured portrays evil and sins as the path to success. There fore this reason can be the source of both these books facing severe criticism as they exploit the social and religious norms in a negative manner.

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