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The most difficult conflict to resolve is Inner conflict

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In today’s society, every member of this planet will experience or be influenced by many different types of conflict throughout their lives. Some believe there is no place for conflict in an ideal society where everyone is valued and has everything they need; but the reality is, this ‘ideal society’ is unachievable, especially given the nature of human beings. Only through conflict do we understand ourselves better – what we think, believe, value and what we are willing to stand up, defend and fight for. Perhaps this is why one of the most difficult types of conflict to deal with is the inner conflict that can develop within an individual, as a result of some mental or physical challenge or barrier that they perceive as impossible to overcome. Anyone who is successful in life knows that the ride to being successful is not smooth and that inner conflict is to be expected when overcoming challenges.

A current celebrity Katy Perry was told many times in her early career to adapt to what was currently music scenes or to develop an image that was something she did not like. This order was made more difficult to deal with, as she had come from a religious background and was expected to hold high moral values. Perry experienced inner conflict regarding her own potential to be famous and conflict about creating music that conflicted with her strict religious upbringing and would most likely make her family ashamed of her. These two opposing factors helped Perry understand what type of music she wanted to make and who she really wanted to be. The most difficult conflict Perry encountered was the inner conflict of self-doubt and guilt over disappointing others when trying to become successful.

Mental and physical challenges cause inner conflict for the individual. This was the case for Rosemary, an English model in the film ‘Paradise road’. Rosemary’s hope and faith is strengthened when she is reunited with her husband after being separated for two years. However this didn’t last long. Upon transportation to another prisoner camp, Rosemary glimpses her badly beaten husband with the Japanese soldiers about to be executed for attempting to escape. From here Rosemary becomes lethargic, downtrodden and hopeless. Conflict of the War completely destroys Rosemary because she has built herself up into this hope filled determination to survive. Seeing her husband completely crumbles and destroys this because she has nothing left to live for and this is no doubt the most challenging conflict Rosemary endures throughout her life.

Peer pressure which encourages others to change their attitudes, values, morals or behaviour, this is when inner conflict occurs. The women prisoners are offered an alternative to the prison camp: If they volunteer to be prostitutes and please Japanese officers, they can live in a hotel with clean sheets, hot meals and nightly dances. It was a conflict between their morals and needs and which to put first, this mentally affected them. Some women in such a position did choose to become prostitutes. But for those who have always had high morals and never anticipated on becoming a prostitute where confronted with the decision they had to make, and this was a far a far from easy decision to make, overcome and live with.

Inner conflict is a private war within oneself where an individuals views or values may be challenged. Rosemary encounters inner conflict as she sees her husband held captive to the Japanese which arises grief, breaking her will to live. Katy Perry and the women prisoners encounter similar conflicts as they must either choose between the right thing to do when it is more comfortable not to or something they will personally value. We all experience inner conflict and it is no doubt one of the most difficult conflicts to settle.

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