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Consciousness Essays

Philosopher George Berkeley And His the Three Dialogues

George Berkeley, Bishop of Cloyne, was one of the great philosophers of the early modern period. His concern to see reality as lying subjective to human knowledge and interpretation is joined with his religious devotion. Berkeley said that he wrote the Three Dialogues, to “demonstrate the reality and perfection of …

Permissive - Nail Biting Screed

Now as you are resting so quietly there with your eyes closed…. I am going to help you to relax even deeper…. I am going to count… very slowly…. Upto 7. And in between each count…. I will use the words ” drifting deeper and deeper”. And you’ll find…. As …

Attitudes Towards Life in "The Catcher in the Rye"and "Dead Poet's Society"

In this world, there are many attitudes towards life that one can possess. This attitude can range from nihilism to ignorant idealism depending on the human being. The works entitled “Dead Poets’ Society” and “The Catcher in the Rye” hold a variety of stances on life. However, the novel, “The …

Structuralism and Functionalism

One could say that Titchener is seen as the father of structuralism. Thought he gives great credit to Wundt, he altered Wundts theory extensively resulting in a new theory. Structuralism, in short, is the “system of psychology, which dealt with conscious experience as a dependant on experiencing persons” (Schultz, 2004, …

Pride and Prejudice: Class Consciousness

Originally written in the late 1700s, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice satirically depicts the universal ideals in Regency England, primarily regarding social class. Austen follows the development of an outspoken, middle-class British woman, Elizabeth Bennet, as she encounters and overcomes the many social barriers that separate her from her aristocratic …

'He that goes a borrowing goes a sorrowing.' (Benjamin Franklin)

To borrow means ‘to take and use something that belongs to somebody else, and return it to them at a later time.’But is this as clear as it’s presented in the dictionary? Does this action lead to unpleasurable consequences? Borrowing is a doomed cause. It ends with its beginning, like …

Song of a Hummingbird: A Battle of Consciousness

Tomorrow we celebrate the Day of the Dead–a ceremony where a society pays homage to those who have passed, and planted their seeds in the lives of others. Our ancestors influence us and the lessons they have passed down throughout generations; however, not all lessons were the same. All were …

Atlanta Compromise Analysis

The Cotton States and International Exposition was held in Atlanta, Georgia beginning in September of 1895. Booker T. Washington was invited to give the opening address. The subject for this address was racial cooperation and has come to be known as the Atlanta Compromise Address. Booker T. Washington was born …

Dekada 70

Understand the true meaning of being a woman in the middle of the complex situation of the country in the 70s under martial law. He was acting as a mother (five children purely male) and wife according to the dictates of society and of his wife, Julian (Christopher de Leon). …

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