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Teleserye of “ang probinsyano” as platform in communicating philippine nationalism consciousness

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The Rise of Philipino Nationalism

Filipino nationalism began with an upsurge of patriotic sentiments and nationalistic ideals in the 1800s Philippines that came as a consequence of more than two centuries of Spanish rule. This served as the backbone of the first nationalist revolution in Asia, the Philippine Revolution of 1896, and continues up to this day. These nationalistic sentiments have led to a wide-ranging campaign for political, social, and economic freedom in the Philippines. “Nationalism is not a product of sudden outburst of sentiment. It is brought about by certain factors that gradually develop. It is like a seed nourished by common ideals and aspiration for national unity.” (Villanueva, 2015)

However, people unconsciously forget what national consciousness is about. That nationalism is only part of the history where in fact, it should be part of the rest of our lives.Role of Media in Nationalism. Over the past few decades, the relationship between media and nationalism has rapidly developed from a rather marginal topic to one of the most prominent issues in the field of media and communication studies. Developments in communication technology, especially the introduction of satellite television and the World Wide Web, have fueled hopes about the gradual weakening of nation-states and national attachments and the creation of an interconnected worldwide community. (Ritzer, 2007)

Moreover, in the world of today media has become as necessary as food and clothing. It has played a significant role in strengthening the society. Media is considered as “mirror” of the modern society, infect it is the media which shapes our lives.
This argues that television and other media plays an extremely important role in how people view their world base on Cultivation analysis theory.

“AngProbinsyano” in communicating Philippine nationalism consciousness

AngProbinsyano featuring Filipino beliefs, practices and values which reflect our culture and real-life lessons which shall receive by the audience. The said teleserye as weeknight’s television series airing at 7:50 pm in ABS-CBN starring Coco Martin as a young cop and commits himself to the service of youth, country, and God and a role model of a public servant. Every series varies social relevance. Furthermore, the series has also known in educating its viewers about Philippine laws and issues.

B. Statement of the Problem and Objectives

This proposed study will explore teleserye of “AngProbinsyano” as the platform in communicating nationalism consciousness
Specifically, this proposed research will answer the following:
What are the images and messages of Philippine consciousness as portrayed by the characters in “AngProbinsyano”?
How does “AngProbinsyano” communicate nationalism and societal issues in the said teleserye?
What are the implications of these mindsets as nationalism and societal issues as communicated by “AngProbisyano” in terms of the country’s situation?


To find out the images and messages of Philippine consciousness as the portrayed by the characters in “AngProbinsyanoTo identify how “AngProbinsyano” communicate nationalism and societal issues in the said teleserye.
To explain how “the implications of this mindset as nationalism and societal issues as commented by “AngProbisyano” in terms of the country’s situation.

C. The significance of the Study

This study will explore the importance of Teleserye in disseminating information and to prove that media has a powerful and direct effect on audiences by injecting them with messages. This will further the understanding of the people about how useful media is in our daily lives. Finally, this study will contribute to the literature discussing the role of media in the success of information with application in terms of nationalism.

D. Scope and Limitations

This study will only limit the telescope of “AngProbinsyano” as a platform in communicating Philippine nationalism consciousness using a Qualitative method. It will only focus on television arena. Television is the most useful medium in communicating Philippine nationalism in today’s issues and social relevance.

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