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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious

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“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is an eminent and remarkable writer of wisdom in provisos of the quotes he engraved in history. One of his vastly preferred topics in terms of quotes is “imagination.” Something mysterious arouses wonder and inquisitiveness. A mystery is obscure and remains unexplained. Curiosity motivates people for the hunt for an explanation of life’s many inquiries. This prompts human beings in attempting to decipher the mystery simply because of the desire to discover and unearth the answer. Human nature stimulates and provokes people to search willingly for an answer to an unexplainable question.

Albert Einstein is examining human nature in this quote. Einstein, through the terminology of this quote, explains that mystery is a beautiful thing because it triggers people to search, create, and answer life’s most difficult questions though splendid, beautiful inventiveness and detailed, brilliant scientific research. The simple element of curiosity in human nature sparks an individual to experience the splendor of a mystery. The simple grasp of an answer leaves any human being with a magnificent feeling of accomplishment, importance and content. Despite this fact, in the course of probing incessantly and continuously for the answer, stunning pieces of art and science are discovered and created. Albert Einstein was a famous scientist and mathematician, through this quote of his; we can imagine how he received his inspiration and enthusiasm for the things he skillfully accomplished.

A scientist is a problem-solver. A scientist takes pleasure in exploring the mysterious and unknown as for it generates a sort of unexplainable delight and thrill trying to determine the answer. Although a scientist’s ultimate goal is to solve the mystery, the gratification comes from the path and steps of which moved him to his decisive goal. Is it unexplained why people play complicated games, solve jigsaw puzzles, paint wonderful paintings, or fulfill an education? All human beings admire a challenge, and all human beings have one favorite question: “What if….” This simple question exemplifies the motivation for people’s reason for searching. An artist, on the other hand creates his own solutions to the problem through his ingenious artistic creations. An artist investigates his own view and creates it. In these ways, the mysterious is beautiful and keeps us going. Mystery is beautiful because of the final formations and establishments, which might not yet be the real answer. Mystery is beautiful in many unique and breathtaking ways. Mystery is a love of human nature.

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