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”The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield

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            Author James Redfield released the novel “The Celestine Prophecy” in 1993. Over 20 million copies were sold worldwide as of 2005 and the novel was translated into 34 languages before it was made into a movie in 2006.

            The Celestine Prophecy is about psychological and spiritual ideas which are being discovered. The main character takes a long journey to learn and recognize the nine spiritual insights. These insights are found on an ancient manuscript dating to 600 BCE in the place of Peru. The story is a first-person narrative and he opens the story with him telling the insights he found to his friend and having very strong urge to travel to Peru and discover more of the nine insights.

            In his journey, he meets a scientist who is also fascinated by the manuscript. Through him, the main character found out that there is resistance to the dissemination of the insights. In the novel, it is dramatically described when the authorities try to arrest the scientist and shoot him down upon arrival. The narrator then found out that even before he reads the insights in the manuscripts, it is happening one by one. He is being pursued by the Church and the Peruvian government in his journey to discover the nine insights.

            Eventually, the narrator succeeds in learning and understanding the nine insights in the manuscript. He returns to the United States and is positive that he will reveal the tenth insight out in the public soon.

            The insights are narrated through events and in summaries in the novel. The first insight is about a new spiritual awakening that is happening in all human nowadays. This is about the critical mass of individuals who experience the journey of being led forward by inexplicable chances.

            The second insight is about the new life that is brought about by this awakening. It is the replacement of the old beliefs and showing us that technological occurrence is important steps in making people realize the true meaning of our purpose here in this planet.

            The third insight is a matter of energy which makes us realize that we are not living in a material universe but in a place where dynamic energy is taking place. This is made to be true because we as humans use energy in attaining our goals and keeping our focus on everything that we want, because where our attention goes, energy always follows.

            The fourth insight is about the struggle for power. It discusses that in order for us to have the energy we want, we always manipulate others. And when we succeed, we feel more powerful over others thus resulting in the weakening of other people and causing the conflict among everybody living in this planet.

            The fifth insight is the message of the mystics. This is about ending the insecurity and violence when we experience the inner connection with the divine energy.

            The sixth insight is cleaning the past, which is about people who stay connected and once losing of that connection is felt, they become immensely aware and the primary cause of this is stress because it loses the energy within us.

            The seventh insight is about engaging the flow, which is experienced when we are led towards our destinies and answers to our thoughts through our dreams and intuitions.

            The eight insight is the interpersonal ethic, which is about feeling the energy of others thus romantic relationships is often associated and caring for others becomes important.

            For the last insight, the ninth insight the emerging culture, this is about the overall completion of our spiritual missions and our focus is human survival instead of growth.


The Celestine Prophecy. Retrieved May 12, 2007, from


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