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The Arguments for The Legalization of Euthanasia

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This paper¬†discusses¬†the meaning and moral¬†status¬†of¬†doctor-assisted suicide, such as active euthanasia, PAS (Physician Assisted Suicide), which¬†is¬†a group of doctors in¬†the¬†choice¬†of¬†personal life¬†at¬†the¬†door¬†of death. Physician-supported¬†suicide is a¬†serious flaw¬†in life and¬†framework within¬†the United¬†States,¬†changing the¬†open¬†frame¬†of mind and¬†legitimacy.¬†The choice to do¬†so depends on the patient’s mental¬†and¬†emotional abilities,¬†regardless of the¬†state of the illness, and that¬†choice¬†is¬†not a treatable disease or¬†distress, and is generally¬†between the patient and¬†the medical¬†professional.¬†It depends on whether it is the result of a good relationship. A¬†better understanding¬†of¬†how to adapt¬†will lead¬†to¬†greater acceptance¬†along these lines¬†and better control of¬†individuals¬†internally.¬†An insight into death, death and sadness, the 2011 Lemming and Dickinson¬†book¬†states¬†that¬†there¬†is another¬†controversial topic at the root of the fact¬†that¬†many¬†individuals¬†are afraid¬†to¬†be tested. Confirming. You can experience the same intractable disease. This¬†is¬†an extraordinary passage of expert support systems to avoid¬†the¬†pain of mental death. In other words, one person may want to live through the pain, while another may wish to be put to rest peacefully with the help of PAS.

There is no easy way to talk about physician-assisted suicide without putting too much emphasis on support and disagreement. This is largely due to the different moral, legitimate, legal or not, social, monetary and religious aspects, as it depends on individual beliefs and the good problems that are covered by this issue. At first glance, it may seem unscrupulous and ridiculous to allow a specialist to help a suicidal patient, but during the interview with Jack Kevorkian, a doctor who strongly believed in medically assisted suicide, this was not determined because of him or money. He wouldn‚Äôt charge any additional fees. Jack Kevorkian was a champion of the ultimate human right. He was doing this from a medical standpoint. There was nothing wrong. Medical suicide can be a practical and sometimes positive alternative for critically ill patients. Patients should be able to choose when to enter the bucket and not just stay alive to ‘stay alive.’ Finally, those who maintain legitimate suicide with medical assistance claim that it depends on their own personal satisfaction, which generally focuses on self-government. The fear and need to prevent a patient from doing so goes far beyond medical codes of morality, and the doctor has to deal with the patient’s request because his job is to provide strange care. It is about shared duty and consideration in the relationship between patient, doctor and provider, as shown in the Suicide Tourist video, in which the patient committed suicide with the help of a medical team.

The issue¬†of¬†suicide¬†with the support¬†of¬†an ethical physician refers to the conscientiously¬†serious and¬†moral qualities¬†that¬†arise¬†from religious beliefs or socially constructed¬†views ‘to reason the process described¬†as killing¬†mercy.’ Based material is included. Maybe¬†because¬†it involves killing is wrong. ‘PAD defenders claim that it’s in excruciating pain instead¬†of¬†reacting to the remaining death door of compassion. In addition, a¬†skilled person in terms¬†of¬†independence¬†and responsibility for the body,¬†who must compromise¬†from the¬†beginning about his body decisions, which can be¬†open¬†to PAS in particular. Nevertheless, opponents¬†of suicide¬†by doctors say¬†it opposes the sacredness of life and empowers people to¬†carry out the ‘God’s role.’

During the video The Suicide Tourist, we could see Craig Huard¬†making¬†the decision¬†to end¬†his¬†horrible¬†life¬†as¬†he described it because he¬†had enough and for him, there was no point¬†denying it. ‘He¬†was dying. His wife of 37 years¬†supported her¬†during the process and¬†agreed¬†with her¬†husband’s¬†decision because¬†for¬†the moment it was what he wanted and she¬†was left¬†with the happy memories they had¬†together.¬†So why¬†is¬†there strong opposition?¬†Proponents of the sanctity of life¬†disagree with the option of euthanasia for¬†anyone, no matter how serious¬†their personal health situation¬†is,¬†because as the¬†book says, ‘that¬†natural life has intrinsic meaning and should be appreciated as a divine gift,¬†therefore,¬†human beings have¬†an¬†obligation to prolong life’.¬†Furthermore, the¬†defenders saw¬†life as an endowment that¬†should extend¬†as long as¬†possible, since that¬†they¬†are not¬†the option of euthanasia and rather help to understand that only the creator has the power to¬†adequately¬†control life.

On the other hand, we have other organizations that strongly support PAD, such as the Hemlock Society, which help people in the act of ‘self-liberation’ by offering various elaborate options for euthanasia, where they are loved. During an interview with Kevorkian, he indicates how much he supports suicide with the help of a doctor, as he has already helped many patients. To perform PAD, he evaluates medical data and ensures that patients’ wishes are consistent with the data, so suicide is appropriate from a medical point of view. He emphasizes that ‘letting people die with a comma without food or water is more cruel,’ people condemn their method, but in real life they agree with other methods that seem right because they are socially Are accepted even though they are worse. Compared to voluntary suicide. I agree with him, because death is an unavoidable event, and less pain leads to death, better, prolonged death also aggravates the suffering of those who die there.

After this discussion and investigation of the subject, I establish the justification for medical aid suicide. I think a patient should have the right to take the opportunity to end his life depending on the situation. When I look at this point of view, I usually assume that the patient is in great pain for a long time. A friend of mine once told me about a friend with cancer. He cited the fact that one of his adult companions had been diagnosed with cancer, and that he had seen him fight extraordinary pain in the last month of his life. Even with morphine and other board medications, it was difficult for her and her family to see her partner in distress. I am not saying that the main reasons for choosing to commit suicide with the help of a physician are pain and suffering because I believe that it is important to make sure that the patient is on the verge of death and has to survive. There is very little time left.

I think legitimizing medical suicide is not enough. However, if you consider factors such as agony, cost, and personal satisfaction, choosing physician-assisted suicide becomes a reasonable possibility of relieving pain and suffering. Also, this seems to be anything but difficult from the outside, but if this circumstance is unlikely to happen to a relative at some point, you would probably have to keep them alive as long as possible. Clearly, this is an extremely difficult decision for patients and families, and the reasons vary according to different circumstances. Either way, the decision should ultimately be up to the patient, not the administration, who can never see the social, moral, financial, legal, and religious thinking of each individual behind their desire to die.

In conclusion, the proximity of ‘suicide’ has led individuals to associate training with mental instability and senseless behavior and support these expressions at any potential cost. Therefore, it is usually necessary that people pay close attention to this issue. Physician-assisted suicide is the last retreat for patients on the verge of death, to ease their burden and the weight of their friends and family. Some of these patients see death as the best way to preserve the nobility of their lives, and in this way see it as a means of self-preservation, a significant reversal of suicide. Before I understood the subject in more significant depth, I never agreed or opposed this option, but after taking this course, I made up my mind. I think human life is terribly rewarding, and no one should be given the leadership to end it. In any case, after reading a large number of suicide cases with the help of a physician, I agree that this is a possibility for patients in serious condition who suffer from irreparable grief.

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