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The American Experience

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Thomas Edison was an inventor, not a scientist. He claimed there was a difference, between the two. In the early to mid 1800s American was beginning to industrialize. This was a turning point in American history, but so was something else. New inventions were starting to come out, but this one changed the way people live. Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb changed America in a constructive way.

Just like any other invention, its not always just right the first time. Changes need to made, and tests need to be ran. It wasn’t until 1878 that Edison was able to get his invention right. “All around him, 100 incandescent lights glowed to life”(Jonnes 2). American held onto this dream, and wanted everyone to turn to using these bulbs and lamps. Light bulbs changed America because they allowed light to be given off at night, work places to offer a more safer environment and so much more. I believe that society today, we take advantage of this. As soon as anyone walks into a room, they flip a switch and on the light turns. Imagine living in a time where things weren’t that easy.

Thought the light bulb wasn’t assembled in homes right away, during this time they may have started to expand in factories and businesses. The light bulb allowed us to supply light without the use of candles and gas. They are used in everyday life, and are safer than using any other light substitute. The invention of the light bulb brought to America a more efficient way to light homes and businesses. Thomas Edison worked hard in order to have this accomplishment, he once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”(Edison’s Lightbulb 3). Not only did this invention help society in the 1800s, it still influences people today, over one hundred years later.

In today’s society the light bulb continues to give us light, it continues to help us see at night and in darker places. The light bulb is highly effective to humans, because without it the world would be a tragedy and major disaster. Thomas Edison believed he could beat anyone to perfecting the electric light( Jonnes 2). When doing so not only did he change the lives of people in his time period, he changed the lives of every person to come in the future. Many people don’t realize how the little things in life, impact us in such a big way. Its hard to accept that its so easy to take advantage of things you believe not to matter. Having light every single day of life that I have already lived, has been tremendous and I couldn’t imagine it being taken away. Life would be simple, but nothing would be improving, technology and industrial products would just be falling back.

The light bulb has ensured safety of all people, not just in America but all over the globe. It has been seen as a great historic milestone, and a great industrial advancement(Kalinowski 1). American changed a great deal during the 1800s due to this invention that has continued to improve over time. Not only thanks to one man, Thomas Edison but thank you to all the other inventors who worked hard at trying to gain the success of inventing the light bulb that would continue to work for the American people and all the people of the world. Though not everyone is blessed with the same products or inventions that people in the United States are, we also may not necessarily have the same things as well. In my opinion the light bulb changed America in a good way, in a positive and constructive way that not only helps us, but its taught us something to. Just like Thomas Edison, and the many other inventors during his time believed, anything is possible to achieve if you work hard and put your mind to it. He was determined to create this lamp or this light that would ensure the safety of others, longer work days, brighter lit factories, safer streets at night, and the list could go on for days. The light bulb is one of the most basic inventions, but one of the most effective. This invention changed everything. Before candles, gas lamps, and even light bulbs, the world was lit by the sun. I believe the world to be a better place due to this simple invention. I can’t imagine living my life without the light bulb, and the wonderful impact it has given the people of the world, and especially America. Without this invention, and without the way it has improved over time to the way it is today, the world would have seemed to progress to no where. We’d be sitting still, and the world would be dark.

Thomas Edison and the many other inventors, worked for years and year to discover exactly what American needed, and finally accomplished the invention of the incandescent bulb. These men did just what they needed to. They changed the world forever and the way people live. Now tell me, how many people does it take to change a light bulb?

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