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Technology changing the face of education

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Technology plays a vital role in every student’s life in educational activity. They can get the complete information of any article in detail, which is kept in brief in textbooks. This helps them to improve their innovative skills and learning habits. And the visual clips make them understand very clear about any concerned topic. Technology is not limited to students for learning, it can be handy to all age levels.. Yes it’s changing the whole scenario of the education system. All most every student is seeking for internet help rather than books as they got much more information and very efficiently described on internet ,which is easy to learn and students do not forget it easily than as compared to what they learn through books . Even schools are using projectors and taking help from internet to teach students .It’s an advance form of teaching today. Technology enhancing the knowledge in education

The innovative way of developed technology helping the people to get the solutions of all queries.E- learning courses are increasing skills. Many of the important communications are happening through social network websites, the half percent of teacher roll has been taken by technology with the adequate information in the web sites. It’s much easier to learn things now.

Although there’s some misinformation on the internet, it’s usually limited to old wive’s tales about harmless things like people thinking that honey or tea tree oil cures everything and kills all bugs etc., for the most part we can learn almost anything by reading and watching videos. I imagine in the future, physically appearing at school may no longer be necessary.

Yes, it is
I can’t even imagine how people used to get through college papers, having to actually go to the library, use the card catalog, and rely on what was physically there. Technology opens the door to so many additional resources, and even different ways of presenting them. Technology lets us determine the best way to educate students and it gives us a ton of things to choose from. Education now extends beyond the classroom walls.There’s a change in student and teacher roles.Classrooms are collaborative.Technology in the classroom allows teacher to deliver personalized learning

Now classroom is not compulsory to exchange the information between teacher and students or between students and student they both can exchange information on using technology via Ipad , tablet , smartphones, Online class rooms etc. You can exchange the information either you are in train, bus or outside the home.

In this scenario textbook is becoming a old days philosophy , now all the work is done on laptop, tablets , smartphones and ipads. That days is over when you have to prepare a notes on your hard book(notebook) and the time of your exams you are preparing a particular subject from a particular subject notebook.

Now a days using Digital boards in Digital classrooms make study very simple, more collaborative and interactive also. In this digital classrooms you can record faculties lecture for further use and broadcast it any where in the world simultaneously live.

Using these digital classrooms you can interact teacher personally and questioning and answering privately. In this way you can make your study more detailed. I am too saying it as NO

Many peoples if they want any solutions, they just go web for finding solutions. The 90’s and the past people only know about puzzles in books and they will think for a while to get answer. It will improve the thinking power as though now many app puzzle games has been developed it is embedded with solutions in it. As, the waiting for the next issue will give happiness rather tan searching in web. In web they will share it or they will just put an end to it. So, I say that only in paper works we can show who we are and what our aim is to be. I say no

The views on the probability of technology changing the face of education has been quite quiet hazy in the past but it seems to be a real possibility these days. Sure, there are many cynics who feel that technology is changing education for the worse. The reason for this is the many risk factors that come with technology. From pornography to misinformation on the internet, many reasons are posed as a shortcomings as technology. In fact, many educational professionals also believe that the lack of organized information improper framework on the internet and other forms of technology may promote haphazard learning.

I’ll Be the First To Say: Hell No Sure, it allows us to have easier access to “answers” but now students can practically cheat their way through school and not actually learn a single thing. Copying answers to your homework sheet does not make you learn something the correct way. Also, just because we have access to really good sources and other things like high tech telescopes and labs, does not mean we utilize it correctly. The majority of people are using technology to waste time on apps and social media. Just because technology is capable of teaching us, does not mean we use it for that reason. Instead, we are wasting time. Another thing, most resources on the Internet are bull crap. There is hardly any truth in what we read and there are little ways to prove it’s right. Yet we attain it as our knowledge anyways. But we could be so wrong. It’s actually causing students to be lazier and their minds are not exercised nearly as much.

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