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Study Plan for Masters Degree in International Trade

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The Master Program of International Trade at The department of Economics of shanghai University is one of the leading ones of its kind around. The program has been created to provide students with the best possible skills and capacity to find employment in the international sector or to pursue international trade policy research. In response to the changing environment and development of the expertise of the faculty, The Department has substantially broadened the knowledge base of the program to meet the diverse needs of students.

In recent years, field of International Trade has risen to the new heights due to the fact that International Trade is becoming more and more a necessary catalyst behind the developments of many countries’ economies, economies such as China’s, Tanzania’s, etc. This has led to my interest in studying International Trade since I have a good foundation built through my major (International Economics & Trade) studies. The course aims to give students a broad training in international economics at the advanced level using various techniques. The course consists of the fundamentals of trade theory and its application to policy. Topics to be covered are in a wide range such as; Comparative advantage and the gains from trade, the international location of production and patterns of international trade, International trade and factor mobility, Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational corporations, and International trade and economic geography.

My Study Plan
Economists are working very hard day to day trying to find solutions to the growing need for better running International Trade processes. This if succeed will probably solve or reduce to the minimum the problems behind International Trade activities especially when it comes to developed countries versus developing countries. This has led to my interest in majoring in this especially in the part involving Foreign Direct Investment which usually involves muscle economies working with less powerful economies. For the case of my country, is having the same situation since it is too developing and needs to improve it’s performance in International Trade, I’m planning to work hard to attain the most out of the course for the entire time so I can do something to it. Through the help of outstanding supervisors here and my own efforts, I expect to learn and gain a lot. By the end of this course I expect to be able to do the following: •Understand the general equilibrium relationship between factor endowments, the location of production, and international trade. •Use general equilibrium techniques to analyze a variety of issues in international trade including the links between trade and wage inequality and the effects of trade policy.

•Understand the implications of imperfect competition, increasing returns to scale, and transport costs for patterns of international trade, the conduct of trade policy, and the location of economic activity in space. •Understand the working and applications of models of Foreign Direct Investment. •Know some of the empirical evidence relating to international trade, the geographical concentration of production, and Foreign Direct Investment. From the fact that the trade partnership between China and African countries, especially Tanzania is getting better and better everyday, I plan to use that opportunity to do my best to act as a link between my country and China on International Trade matters through the education and training I expect to receive during the program. Conclusion.

In the world that economies are largely driven by the performance of International Trade activities, the modernization and regulation of International Trade activities will be an invaluable thing to put forward as a first priority towards mutual benefits among economies and I’m planning to take full advantage of that through my studies to play my part in realizing that goal so as to bring prosperity to less powerful but hard working economies.

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