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Students Should Wear School Uniform

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Perry Unified School District has made a school board decision that all students attending schools in the city of Iowa must wear school uniforms at all times. School board has come up with the decision because they believe that the mandatory use of uniform reduces violence within the school. It is also representation the community. They also believe that students who wear school uniforms behave more appropriately in the school environment and it help reduces social outcome. I agree with the decision that my local school board has made. I believe that it is going to help my family.

This decision has affected my community because some families are against the decision and others love the decision. Of course the majority of the students are against the decision, that the school board has made they believe that it is unfair decision. It is also causing many controversial issues in between the parents and their children because parents want their children to wear uniforms but their kids totally disagree. From my perspective I take this situation very serious, because it is going to make a big impact in the community, not only for the parent but for the kids. However the school board of education has the last word.

I believe that if students wear school uniforms. It will probably help schools in certain areas. For example it can improve the social outcomes in a school environment and it can also reduce violence. Experts believe that “Clothing and fashion are often at the root of social conflict. Children are often ridiculed by other children because of the way they dress. Many children use clothing to express themselves and to define themselves. This self-expression and definition often leads to the formation of cliques in the school environment. Many students feel that they are judged according to what they wear by other students, as well as by teachers and administrators. School uniforms remove these factors from the social environment within the school, thus relieving students from the pressure to fit in. Experts believe that, by improving the social environment through mandatory standardized dress, both academic and behavioral outcomes improve.” That is why I agree with the decision that the school board has made.

In addition, school uniforms would save parents money since they do not have to buy their child a different wardrobe every time the child wants something new. For instance many parents spent lots of money throughout the year either because their kids want to change style or they got tired of wearing a certain outfit. For example, when my mother goes with my brother to the mall to buy his clothes for the school year, she always have trouble with him choosing his clothes because he wants to wear baggy jeans to school, but my mom would not led him buy those types of jeans so then it becomes a problem. However, parents would not have to go through this if their child wears school uniform, because children would not be worrying about what to wear. The uniform also reduces the morning stress families can face as children get ready for school. For example, children are always worrying about what are they going to wear the next day to school. Instead they should be worrying about other things for example to study for a test or homework. That is why students should wear school uniforms.

In conclusion, I believe that the school board of education in Perry has made the best decision that all students must wear school uniform. It is the best decision because it reduces violence, social outcomes, and it also saves parents money and time. I believe this the best decision that the school board of education has made for the past few years. It is important to worry about the dress code of our children. I believe most of the families in our community are really happy about this decision even thought their children may be unhappy about the decision. However I believe that students need to understand that educators come up with this decision to help the community and to help families out. They also do it because they want schools to be a healthy environment in which families can trust on. Educators believe these decisions can be effective and that is why they come up with them.


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