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Significance of Learning

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Learning is a constant process which involves learning to live, to socialize and to behave. Not all learning that we indulge in is conscious. We learn a lot of things unconsciously as well. Learning starts at birth, when we learn to breathe and feed. Then, we learn to walk and talk as a child. As we grow older, we learn newer and newer things, which help us, live every day, and constantly grow as a person. Learning is actually the acquisition of knowledge through experience and education. Only when people develop, does the society develop and rise. Thus, learning plays an effective role in the development of the overall human populace. But one thing bothers in the mind of an educator is the implications of the Role of the Teachers, Family, School, and Community towards in raising the child’s mind. How does these factors will help to nourish the un-fully develop mind of every child?

The Roles of the Teacher, School, Family, and Community, as we go along in this very interesting digital portfolio we found out that learning and discovering things wouldn’t be perfect if and only if the existence of the factors in learning are not possible. Teachers who become the second family of the child and plays also various role in the life of every student will always be one of the reason why do people exist and enjoying the beauty of creation and arts. Teachers who become bridges of learning to realization does not only deals on the things of how they are going to nourish the knowledge of every child but they are also very concern of the lives of every student to become morally empowered person. To touch the life of every learner and to make difference from their students are usually the topmost vision that a true teacher has, because a true teacher believes on the quotation that “Teaching is a work of heart”.

Family who become the division of the life of a child plays the most important thing also in educating children. What the family’s daily routine and tradition is, will automatically registered and mark on the attention of the child. The character and attitude of a child might be from their parents and family came from, because since then while the child is gradually growing, he/she also gradually adapts the usual things he/she hears and sees. To become active and appropriate parents towards a child would means a lot to their development because it will help them also to act properly.

The School who is the way to build the development of the child and the area where to direct them properly plays vital role in raising a child’s mind, because what the school envisioning will surely affect the perception and thinking process of the child. To influence the child and to help them realize of having an education is one of the role of the school. What do the student become from his/her performance it is all because that the school do something to enhance the intellectual thinking of a child.

Community which one of the most influential factor of the growth of a child that comprises a lot of things including the teacher, family, and learners become the sources of learning by the children, thus, if the children is exposed to a high populated community with a very chaotic surroundings, then he/she has the low capacity to learn things better but if he/she is exposed to a community which has something to do with learning – a community that is full of learning sources and good influence then the mind of the child will surely develop faster and faster.

As we look over the factors in learning things, we do conclude as a group that learning is very complex that we need to gradually adapt through the help of the teacher, family, school and community which brings the realization in the minds of every learner.

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