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Revenge – A Fictional Story

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Chapter 1

It was the coldest night of the year yet. The village of Livingstone, on the Eastern Coast of England, was slightly quieter than the usual array of silence. Everyone seemed to be anticipating something, just like those at Grimond Hall. Beth Crooke was anxiously waiting, gazing at nothing but the door. ‘When would they come?’ was the only thought in her head. Rocking on her chair, she was knitting a scarf to take away the pain. Her hazel eyes were like little beacons in the midst of the ocean as the ships navigate their way around the bold illumination. She hadn’t showered in days so her ginger hair was frizzy and gave a nasty odour. Zoe, her only daughter, came rushing downstairs. Her lips whispered loudly to her mother’s ear, ‘They’re here.’

She looked like her father with her sea blue eyes and nourished brown hair curled to her liking. She was taller than her mother and had the same figure but her character was totally contradistinctive. The long expected knock on the door finally came. Zoe scampered to her bedroom and hid under her bed. Her mother just sat there, still composed in knitting. Eventually, the knocking stopped and again, silence, only to be broken a few seconds later by the crashing of the front and rear doors and voices saying, ‘Quickly! Find her and arrest her!’

Mrs Crooke had no idea why this was happening but all she did know is that it was happening.

The answer to this question starts a few weeks earlier. New neighbours had just moved into Livingstone. The Wombleton family, Robert, Julia and their daughters Natasha and Anne, moved to Livingstone from Chatham in Kent after having made a fortune on the property ladder. Pickbury House sat on the edge of village, nearest to entrance of MarleyBourne which is renowned for its extreme size and modern yet archaic architecture. It was covered in cobwebs and the paint was fading away.

Just as they had settled in, the Peterson family welcomed them into the village. Being the friendliest family, they brought them a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and a card perfectly sealed with the family’s ancestral emblem. Helen Peterson knocked on the door as Mrs Wombleton opened the door. Julia was astonished by the shine of Helen’s blonde hair with brown streaks. Her seducing green eyes smiled at Julia as she was examining the height of Helen. Julia, however, was different. Her hair was mud brown and frizzy. You’d have never known that she had made her millions. She was a lot shorter than Helen and wore glasses, covering her brown eyes. Her clothes reflected her physical appearance. She wore a white t-shirt, bought from Primark, which had a coffee stain on it. Helen was still in her uniform because she had just come back from work. Her nurse’s dress was pristine white and her name tag with Aldeburgh Hospital engraved was perfectly positioned and aligned. ‘Good Afternoon,’ said Helen, smiling, revealing her straight, white teeth, ‘Welcome to Livingstone.’ She handed over the flowers, and her Husband, the chocolates and card.

‘Yes, good afternoon,’ replied Julia, ‘And who are you?’

‘And who are you?’ thought Helen. She immediately changed her thought on the new neighbour just because of these four unnecessary rude words, but being the kind hearted angel she is, she didn’t want to create a scene and carried on the conversation. ‘I am Helen and this is my Husband, Michael Peterson.’

‘Hello,’ said Michael with his deep, Scottish tongue. He was a retired army colonel having stepped down just two years ago, and because of that, he was smartly dressed wearing a white blazer and dark blue jeans. He was about the same height as Helen, if not taller and his hair was spiked up to reveal a scar on the side of his head which he had received during combat in Iraq. ‘We live opposite you in Pitch Cottage and thought that we’d give you a warm welcoming into our village,’ he continued, ‘Is it just yourself? Did you move here alone?’

‘No,’ responded Julia, ‘I’m here with my husband, Robert and my two daughters, Natasha and Anna.’

‘You have daughters?’ asked Helen, ‘We’ve one son called Andrew but he’s just gone out to Suffolk, but I’ll get him to come around once he’s free.’ She smiled.

‘That’s Okay, I’ll meet him anyway. Would you like to come in?’ proposed Julia, trying to be sociable but hoping they would decline her offer, which was in her thought generous.

‘No, no. We can’t stay. I’ve just got back from work as you can see and I have to get changed and make dinner and all those other time consuming doodahs that need doing.’

‘Ah, very well then. See you around!’ said Julia enthusiastically and began closing the door.

‘Bye,’ voiced the Peterson couple.

The moment the door closed, the friendly atmosphere changed and all that Michael could do was listen to his wife.

‘Who are you!?’ mentioned Helen, ‘I mean, how much ruder can you get? And the way she just closed the door. She’s obviously new to this upper class thing. What a fucking bitch!’

Michael was only able to think the same of his wife after she stated that but his politeness disallowed him from commenting.

Meanwhile, back at Pickbury house, Julia was having similar thoughts, ‘…who does she think she is, a Hollywood actress?’ These are just some of the thoughts that Julia was whispering to herself although she did not realise. Her husband walked past her and was wondering what she was on about. ‘Are you okay darling?’

‘Yes, I’m fine!’ replied Julia, not at all sounding fine, ‘Why do you ask?’

‘No reason just thought you looked a bit tense. That’s all,’ lied Robert and walked out of the door to explore Livingstone.

Chapter 2

Everyone was gathered around the streets anticipating the arrival of, as some of Livingstone’s residents would say, the most important man of the village. The village is not the biggest of villages, and may not have many inhabitants but with everyone packed together on one street, it looked as if the whole County was there. Concurrently, MarleyBourne, the biggest house in the village, was being decorated and prepared by the housekeeper and his associates. It was a big day for them so a lot of cleaning had to be done.

‘What’s all the fuss about?’ asked Natasha, ‘Why’s everyone like on the streets? Is it like a special day or something?’

‘I heard that a man called Ian Bourne is coming back to the village after 7 years,’ answered Robert, ‘He was sent to a mental asylum back then and has only just been released.’

‘What?’ Natasha had been confused, ‘So he’s got like a fucked up head or something?’

‘No need for that language, young girl!’ yelled Robert

‘Sorry! Calm down! Take a chill pill!’

‘Just shut up and go to your room! You’re so rude just like your mother!’ Robert had lost his temper. Anna just sat in the corner of the room, hiding her laugh behind a book. She was completely dissimilar to her younger sister. Natasha was still studying at school to take her GCSE’s and Anna was taking a gap year after having taken her A Levels. Natasha was more into parties, drinking and enjoying life as she sees it. Anna on the other hand is far more sensible. She loves to study, but she is not afraid to socialise even though her beauty does not aid her in socialising.

Back on the roads, somebody was rushing towards the crowd shouting, ‘I see a car! He’s coming! He’s coming!’ and he was right. The crowd lowered their volume and watched the specs of light, slowly moving into focus. The car stopped by the entrance gates to MarleyBourne and waited for it to open. Two more vehicles followed behind it. From the cars, it was possible to see that this wasn’t just any ordinary person. This person was important. All of them were brand new, were black and had tinted windows. The gates slowly closed behind the last car and everyone ran to see what was going on inside. The gate led to a long twisted track which led up to the grand house. As soon as the cars turned the first corner, every mouth started talking again. The general conversation was, ‘Is he back?’ or, ‘Was he in the car?’ and even, ‘Why were there three cars?’

Night fell upon the settlement and by that time, everyone was at their own home. The gates of MarleyBourne screeched open and a car was heard, leaving Livingstone. The front curtains in all of the houses simultaneously flew back and eyes were seen, fixed on MarleyBourne.

‘Has he gone again?’ was the most common question asked. The curtains drew back and the lights switched out and everyone went off to bed, wondering what was going on in MarleyBourne.

The next morning, the crowd re-gathered outside the gates of MarleyBourne, all except for Beth and Zoe. They could see the house maintainers working inside through the windows. Shadows could be seen on the walls on the second floor. Michael made out two men and a woman from the shadows. ‘He’s definitely back,’ mentioned Michael, ‘well, there’s someone in the house.’

‘He’s right,’ said a voice amongst the crowd, ‘He is back.’ He moved towards the gate and pressed the buzzer. Everyone stepped back. A voice said ‘MarleyBourne Residence, Name and ID number please,’ through the speaker.

The man replied, ‘Alexis, one four three, double zero nine,’ and the gates rolled open. Without turning back, he slowly walked towards the first bend where a car was awaiting him. Alexis stepped in and was driven to the house immediately. Back on the other side of the gate, everybody was stumped. What had just happened?

‘Why did that man just go in?’ asked an equally confused Natasha to her father, who wasn’t fussed about any of it.

‘I don’t know and frankly, I don’t actually care,’ replied Robert.

‘Well someone’s in a bad mood,’ moaned Natasha.

‘Enough! Why do you always have to be so rude?!’ shouted Robert, trying not gain interest from the crowd.

‘Dad, why do you always have to have a go at me?’ unfortunately, Natasha did attract attention. Helen turned to Michael and he could tell from the look in her eyes that she trying to say, ‘See what I mean?’

Like the night before, the crowd eventually decided that it was time to back home. Robert was one of the last to step away from the gate until he heard the engine of a car approaching the gate, when he decided to halt and turn back. As a figure stepped out of the same car which had taken Alexis in earlier, the gates moved open. It was Alexis again. He walked past Robert, as if he was never there and continued to do so, but then, he was called back by Robert.

‘Hi there. I’m Robert, and you are?’

‘I’m Alexis. You must be the new family who have moved into Pickbury House?’

‘Yes. We just moved in a few days a go. What were you just doing in there?’ interrogated Robert, pointing at MarleyBourne.

‘You don’t need to do know that, so don’t be nosy,’ replied Alexis, confidently, swinging his head so his thick black hair swings back. He carried on walking and left Robert, deep in thought.

Chapter 3

Livingstone was a little different to usual over the next few days. The whole village had seen and greeted Ian and realised that he no longer needed mental care as he seemed perfectly sane like before if not, better. Regardless of this, the villagers were still asking questions, ‘Why had he been sent away in the first place?’

They weren’t going to get the answer, so they eventually forgot about it over the next day or so.

Prior to that, Ian needed to revitalise his multi-million pound business. Alexis was an ordinary employee at ‘IBouLive’- the electronics company owned by Ian Bourne, which makes a perfectly reasonable reason for Alexis to have visited Ian a week earlier. He just wanted to help Ian to get back on track with his business and possibly get a promotion in the process.

Alexis and Ian were walking past Pickbury house, while Robert was mowing the lawn. Robert could not help but over hear their conversation.

‘Hello. Ian isn’t it?’ he interrupted, ‘My name’s Robert. I only moved in last week.’

‘Yes,’ replied Ian, ‘I’ve heard a lot about you from my good friend Alex. He says you’re, err, yes. He says you’re very prying.’

Not knowing what ‘prying’ meant, Robert just continued, ‘Yes, I am.’

Alexis just sniggered quietly. Ian just turned to him and instantaneously, he stopped laughing.

‘Are you discussing business plans?’ interrogated Robert, ‘Is that why you visited Ian the other day?’ nodding towards Alexis.

‘Like I said,’ smirked Ian, ‘Prying.’ They began to walk off.

‘See you around,’ said Robert.

Alexis turned into the grounds of his house and Ian stepped into his car and drove out of the village. As he walked into his house he noticed something through the corner of his house. He turned to see movement in the bush to his right. He knew exactly what it was. Beth. She had always been ‘surveying’ on Alexis. Being his neighbour, Beth thought he was very suspicious in the manner he did everything. He never told anyone about anything and tried to be as brief as possible. His wife, on the other hand, was completely different. She tried to be as precise and detailed as possible. Beth was very good friends with Camille. Even though Camille was very revealing, she wasn’t mindless and never mentioned anything personal, no matter how much Beth tried.

Alexis tried to ignore but he couldn’t resist but turn the sprinklers on. ‘Hello Beth,’ he laughed, seeing her wet. Beth just screamed and she was completely drenched. Hearing this, Camille ran out and just got the wrong impression after seeing Alexis grinning.

‘What the fuck is going on?!’ yelled Camille, ‘Why are you soaking wet and why are you staring at her?!’

‘Honey, I’m not staring at her,’ said Alexis as he was trying to calm his wife down, ‘I just turned the sprinklers on and then realised that Beth was on our lawn.’

‘That better be true!’ responded Camille and stormed back into her house.

‘Just go away, Beth,’ said Alexis.

That evening, Ian returned back to the village. Alexis and Camille could be heard exchanging foul words. Ian also heard the shouts but ignored them. He drove through his gates and straight to MarleyBourne.

Chapter 4

Beth knew that something was going to happen and she had to do something. She was in financial crisis. Her only means of avoiding bankruptcy was her own company, which happened to be an electronics company. But unlike ‘IBouLive’, she wasn’t earning millions. She had just enough to keep herself going after Ian was sent to the mental asylum, but now he’s back and stealing the market, Beth is finding it hard to cope with the pressure.

The phone rang. Beth was scared. She slowly walked over to it, picked it up and took a deep breath. ‘Mum!’ said Zoe, ‘Can you come and pick me up now?’

Beth gave a sigh of relief, ‘Get a taxi home!’ she shouted over the phone.

‘But mum! It’s half past eleven at night.’

‘I don’t care. You’re the one who decided to go in the first place.’

‘Okay! But your paying for it,’ Zoe hung up.

Zoe called for a taxi but none of them would stop. Eventually one stopped and she stepped in. She told the driver her street name and he drove off. Twenty minutes later, she realised the driver was going the wrong way. ‘Excuse me,’ said Zoe, ‘Where are you going?’

The car suddenly stopped in the middle of a car park. The driver got out and went into the back. Zoe screamed but managed to get a glimpse of his eyes. She knew exactly who it was. Alexis. His wife left him that night and he was out to get revenge. He started tying her arms and legs together and said, ‘Blame your mother for this,’

‘Get off me you freak!’ yelled Zoe, ‘What the fuck are you going to do with me?’

Alexis put some tape over her mouth to silence her and picked her up and threw her in to the boot.

‘I’ll decide later,’ He replied and drove back to Livingstone.

In the morning, Beth hadn’t realised that Zoe was not home yet and she decided to plan how she could stop Ian from taking her customers like she did seven years ago. She was sure Ian was out for revenge. After a long hard think and cup of coffee, she went to visit Alexis. She knocked on the door and waited patiently. Alexis opened the door and moaned, ‘Oh, it’s you.’

‘I heard that Camille left you,’ said Beth, ‘and I’d like to apologise for that. Is there anything I could do to make up for it?’

Alexis thought about this and how he could take advantage. ‘Come in,’ he said, ‘I’m sure we can think of something.’

Alexis didn’t want to do this but he knew he had to. And so did Beth.

The following morning Beth left the house. As she walked out of the door she said, ‘Thank you, I knew I could trust you.’

Alexis just smiled and closed the door. He had just told Beth exactly what Ian was going to do and he was apart of it. But he wasn’t fussed. He got all the information he wanted from Beth. He found out how she was going to ruin IBouLive, so she can become a millionaire.

Beth walked across the lawn and into her own front garden and opened the door, not realising that she had told Alexis everything he wanted to know or that her daughter was still not at home.

Alexis wasted no time and took immediate advantage. As soon as Beth was out of site he ran straight to Ian’s house. But before he could get there he saw that Beth was also making her way there as well. He thought that Beth wouldn’t be as quick as she was, so he knowingly gave her the information she wanted to know. Now he was left on the back foot.

Meanwhile, Andrew was at home, chatting online to his new girlfriend. Helen thought that she would take Andrew to the Crooke’s to boast about how children should be because Andrew was not like the Crooke’s children. Natasha wasn’t clever nor was she polite and Anna was simply ugly. Andrew, though, was well-mannered, intelligent and charming.

‘Come on, Andrew, dear,’ said Helen, ‘Would you like to come with me and visit the new neighbours?’

‘Okay, mum,’ responded Andrew, ‘Let me just say bye to my girlfriend,’ after a short pause while he was typing, he continued, ‘let’s go!’

‘Now let me tell you something about the Crookes,’ rumoured Helen while crossing the road with Andrew, ‘They’re not like us. They are from a different social class, so you might not be used to the way they speak.’

‘I’ll be fine, mum. Don’t worry.’

They reached Pickbury House and knocked on the door. Julia peered through the window and swore because she knew she had to open the door. Andrew and Helen heard door unlatch and smiled as it opened ajar.

‘Hello,’ said Julia unconvincingly enthusiastically.

‘Hello,’ said Helen in an equal manner, ‘I said that I’d bring my son around and here he is.’

‘Hello,’ said Andrew smilingly.

‘Do you wanna come in?’ asked Julia

‘Certainly,’ answered Helen and followed Andrew through the door. She was surprised by how elegant everything looked inside. Maybe she wrong but Helen was stubborn and she was always right in her view.

‘Have a seat,’ said Julia reluctantly; pointing towards her worn out sofa, ‘I’ll just call my daughters. Robert’s not in. He’s gone to Kent.’

After Julia went upstairs, Andrew said, ‘This is a rather nice house. I don’t think I’ve been here before.’

‘Well I have been here before. And I think it’s horrendous compared to last time I came.’

Julia made her way down the steps followed by Anna. ‘This is Anna,’ Julia waited for Natasha to come down. Eventually she hurried down the stairs and Andrew stood up.

‘Natasha?!’ he said surprisingly.

‘Who? What? How do you know her name?’ questioned Helen and Julia.

‘Mum, she’s my girlfriend,’ explained Andrew, ‘Natasha, I never knew you lived in our village. Why didn’t you tell me?’

‘You never asked me,’ replied Natasha.

‘Hang on a minute,’ interrupted Julia, ‘You’re going out with my daughter?’

‘Yeah,’ continued Helen, ‘Why go out with her?’

Anna intervened, ‘Why don’t you go out with me?’

Everyone looked at each other and said, ‘No.’

‘Right. We’re going now Julia,’ said Helen, ‘and Andrew, we will discuss this at home.’ Without awaiting the farewell, Andrew followed his mother out the door. They arrived at their house and Helen immediately got to the point. ‘Why didn’t you tell me you’re girlfriend was so ill-mannered?’

Andrew also just got to the point, ‘Mum! She’s my girlfriend and if you think her family and she are ill-mannered, then you’re just going to have to get used to it!’ Andrew slammed the door and ran upstairs.

Similar words were being said in Pickbury House. Julia was making excuses so that Natasha won’t think that she hates the Petersons. ‘I don’t want you to be dating someone who lives near us because if you fall out, it’ll be difficult to socialise with them.’

‘Mum, does it matter who I date?’ said Natasha, ‘He’s my boyfriend so I think I should get to choose. I know you hate the Peterson’s so there’s no point in hiding that. If you don’t like the people I date you’re just gonna have to get used to it, init.’

Chapter 5

Alexis knew how he could stop Beth. She had just reached the gate but needed an entrance code to get in. Luckily for her, she had heard Alexis using his one before. She pressed the buzzer and waited for the response. Alexis quickly phoned Ian. She continued, ‘Alexis, one four three, double zero nine.’

Alexis smiled and walked towards the gate and followed her in without her realising. Beth had never been to MarleyBourne so Alexis knew that she would have trouble finding her way around, and after making that phone call to Ian, things would be even more difficult for her. After Beth had gone out of site, Alexis made for the front door and quickly hurried to Ian’s main office. There, he told Ian about how Beth was going to do to corrupt IBouLive. But Ian was already ahead of him. He knew that he had to stop Beth and corrupt her business instead. He knew that Beth was in a huge amount of debt, after her husband left her, and that Alexis had Zoe kidnapped and they would take advantage of that. Before he could sabotage her, he had to stop Beth from turning his business upside down. To do that, Ian used a distraction. He had many televisions around MarleyBourne, and he also had many contacts with News Channels. He whispered something in Alexis’ ear, which caused him to leave the estate and make for the car which Zoe was still in.

He drove back to the car park which he had originally tied Zoe up and parked his car there. He removed the number plate and, being a con artist, he removed his fingerprints. He made his way back to Livingstone. Meanwhile, Ian phoned up LBC News, the local TV channel, and reported a story.

While Beth was still searching for the Main office, she noticed that all of the televisions simultaneously turned on and broadcasted the same channel. It was the local news with a breaking story. The news crew said that they had received a phone call from an unknown number claiming to have seen a girl kidnapped the night before in a near by car park.

‘All we can say now is the police have been called to the car park and are searching all of the vehicles there,’ said the glamorous journalist, ‘We will bring you the news as it comes in.’

Suddenly, the thought came to Beth’s mind. She hadn’t seen Zoe at all this day. She stormed out of MarleyBourne and rushed into her car. She drove straight to the police station and reported her daughter missing. She was in such a hurry, that she didn’t see Alexis coming back.

Alexis arrived at Grimond Hall and picked the lock with ease. Ian soon followed him into the house. Beth had reached the car park just in time to see a girl being carried out of the back of car and into an ambulance. She recognised the car. She had been set up. Shadowed in stupidity, she somehow forgot about her daughter and raced back to the village, where Ian was in her house. He was looking for the safe.

‘It’s in here!’ cried Alexis, and Ian ran into the living room, where Alexis was already hacking it. It wasn’t money they were after, they wanted a business contract which would destroy Beth. This truly was revenge.

Beth had no idea what was happening as she drove back. The thieving pair had found the papers and snuck back to MarleyBourne. With Alexis’ forgery skills, the papers were transferred into Ian’s name in less than two minutes. They heard Beth’s car pull in to her driveway and could only wait. A few seconds later, the whole of Livingstone heard a loud cry, ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!’

Beth saw the safe was empty, and without doubt, knew exactly who to blame. After hearing the scream Ian and Alexis received the signal to leave. ‘I thought she’d stay with her daughter,’ said Alexis.

‘Well, she’s more worried about her business than family then,’ said Ian, ‘But we’ve enough time to get away so it’s okay.’

Beth did not know what to do. She ran to MarleyBourne to locate Alexis and Ian, because she knew it was them. Alexis had told her this but she was too busy trying to attack Ian that she forgot to defend herself. She searched in each and every corner, and yet no sign. They had left no traces behind. Alexis was really a criminal mastermind. Beth turned around and made her way to the front door to inform the police and unexpectedly the telephone sounded. She walked back and picked it up, ‘Hello?’

It was Ian. The only word he said were, ‘This is for sending me to the mental asylum seven years ago. Revenge!’

The instant she heard the word ‘Revenge’, Beth fell straight to the floor, crying. There was simply nothing else she could do.

Chapter 6

That night was spent with Beth frantically looking for clues and evidence, but she simply found nothing. The only thing left to do was wait. She knew that the authorities would soon come and arrest her. She stood up and laughed and completely lost it.

A few days passed by and Beth did nothing but sit on her rocking chair, watching the door. Zoe returned home after receiving medical care in hospital, because she was stuck in such a small space for two days. ‘Mum, you have to eat something,’ said a worrying Zoe, ‘You haven’t eaten in two days. What’s going on?’

‘I’ll eat over there. They’ll come and take me soon.’

Zoe just walked off, knowing that Alexis had something to do with her mother’s state.

Evening approached and very soon, so did nightfall. It was the coldest night of the year yet. The village of Livingstone, on the Eastern Coast of England, was slightly quieter than the usual array of silence. Everyone seemed to be anticipating something, just like those at Grimond Hall. Beth Crooke was anxiously waiting, gazing at nothing but the door. ‘When would they come?’ was the only thought in her head. Rocking on her chair, she was knitting a scarf to take away the pain. Her hazel eyes were like little beacons in the midst of the ocean as the ships navigate their way around the bold illumination. She hadn’t showered in days so her ginger hair was frizzy and gave a nasty odour. Zoe, her only daughter, came rushing downstairs. Her lips whispered loudly to her mother’s ear, ‘They’re here.’

She looked like her father with her sea blue eyes and nourished brown hair curled to her liking. She was taller than her mother and had the same figure but her character was totally contradistinctive. The long expected knock on the door finally came. Zoe scampered to her bedroom and hid under her bed. Her mother just sat there, still composed in knitting. Eventually, the knocking stopped and again, silence, only to be broken a few seconds later by the crashing of the front and rear doors and voices saying, ‘Quickly! Find her and arrest her!’

They found Beth at the front door and slowly moved towards her. This was it; Ian had almost got his revenge. A man standing behind her said, ‘Bethany Crooke, I am arresting you on suspicion of Fraud and Bankruptcy, You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence,’ and grasped her wrists with ease and handcuffed them. Another man came running down from upstairs.

‘There’s a girl upstairs,’ he said.

The leader of the break-in replied, ‘Arrest her and bring her down. We can question her at the station and if she is found to be innocent, we will send her into foster care.’

After combing the whole house for evidence, they soon left the house and walked Beth and Zoe towards the car, where crowds were gathered around. Robert was amongst them and he simply thought, ‘I bet Ian and Alexis are behind this.’

Zoe was released after three days and taken to a foster care home in Scotland. Beth was kept at the police station and trialled in court after two weeks. She was convicted of trading with customers, even though she was bankrupt, and fraud, because Alexis left some counterfeit notes in the safe when he took the business contracts. She was later convicted of kidnapping her own daughter for publicity due to her mental state. She served three years in prison and was later moved to a mental asylum, the same mental asylum which she had sent Ian to, ten years before.

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