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Reasons Why Students Shift Their Degree Courses

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Background of the Study

Decision making, according to www.businessdictionary.com, is the “thought process of selecting a logical choice from the available options”. When trying to make a good decision, a person must weight the positives and negatives of each option, and consider all the alternatives. Whether one likes it or not, it will always become part of their daily lives. The researcher decided to conduct a research to know why students shift their degree course. This research will be beneficial for colleges/universities, students and parents. Knowing the reasons why students shift their degree course will help them to make some adjustments to minimize the problem. This research paper will address the reasons why students shift their degree course. This research will be a guide to the students themselves, and their parents as well regarding course decision.

This study will also discuss the possible solutions that the parents and the school itself can do to help the students. Nowadays, a lot of students have a hard time in choosing the right course for them. They usually ask themselves, what is the right course for me? If I would take this course, would I be happy? These questions will always come up from their heads when dealing with course decision making. Over the years there have been growing concerns of the students in shifting their degree course. We notice that a lot of students shift to other degree courses with different reasons. There are a lot of factors or reasons affecting the decisions of students to shift to other degree courses. In this research, we will know what the reasons behind their decisions are.

When you were in college, did you ever feel that you enrolled in the wrong course? If so, did you shift courses or did you just stick it out especially when you’re in the middle of your college life? What made you shift? Is it because there is more opportunity in other courses? You got bored with the curriculum? You’re parents forced you to take this course but you decided to follow your own? What makes students shift their courses? If you have decided to change course on the basis that ‘”you aren’t doing well academically”‘ in your current course you probably ought to reconsider your decision, be honest with yourself, how much of the problem will be solved by changing course, how much of the problem is due to your mismanagement of your studies. If you are genuinely having problems with the course don’t jump straight into a course switch, speak to your tutor about your problems and there may be a means to sort them out without such drastic (and potentially not very effective) measures.

It is also possible that if your achievement level is low that you may not be allowed onto the new course. If you have decided to change course because ‘”you don’t enjoy your current course”‘ then you should be absolutely certain that you will enjoy the course you are moving to. You should also be aware that changing course has significant negative consequences, you have to be certain that the change is worth it. If you have decided to change course because you feel that it would be better for career reasons you need to do your research, is it actually a better career move? Remember that changing course normally (except between certain very similar courses or during the first couple of weeks of the course) means that you will be at university for more time, amounting more debt and putting off getting your dream job. Even if a different course would be better for your career the best move could still be to finish your current degree and then to train on the job.

Though there are good effects of us changing courses, there are also number problems that may occur once we change course like possibilities of restarting from year one base on the curriculum given. Longer time to graduate and get a job. You can’t be certain that your new course will be better than the old one. Walang tama o mali sa paggawa ng decision para sa kinabukasan. Both decision has a negative and positive outcome. Nasa sa atin na lang kung pano natin iyun sosolusyunan at tigtignan sa sariling point of view.

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