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Realistic Educational Curriculum

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This field study shows the dynamic ability of a curriculum to different changes.Field study 4 is all about different curriculum and assessment being utilized to promote students’ progress. Field study 4 is a way on how to have a deep understanding in different curriculum being tested. Having a first year in K-12 program this field study open up the positive outcomes in getting this curriculum to be globally competitive.

The Field Study Student
Ednalyn Guinto Caguimbal was born on April 18, 1993 with my parents Edgardo Austria Caguimbal and Celina Guinto Caguimbal. I‘m second eldest from five siblings. I graduated my in Tagkawayan Central Elementary School and I finished my secondary years at Novaliches High School. I had my first year college at Southern Luzon State University- Judge Guillermo Eleazar with Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English. Due to unexpected events of my life I transferred here at Westmead International School and shifted in Science major. I believe in the quote “Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” — John Cotton Dana.

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” — Henry Brooks Adams. Being a teacher is not part of my plan before. I once dream to be a successful lawyer, singer and dancers. Typical dreams being encountered of young once. Things turned upside down when I finally have the biggest leap in my student life college. I just thought of why not try education? If I don’t feel my spot here then I will shift. Having my first year made me realize that even before I am already teaching. Unaware of the little things that I commit before I realized that teaching doesn’t need me, I need it. I want to inspire others not by telling my heartaches and failures but on how they will get better future through education.

Statement of the Purpose
This paper entails different curriculum approaches being utilized as of now in Dagatan National High School. This compilation was prepared and developed to provide and share experiences for those who will undergo the same undertakings. Through the experiences written, some latest innovations and strategies in teaching were shared. Their applicability will vary depending on whatever and whenever it suited to the classroom situation. Some classroom problems were also mentioned. Whether they are severe or not, they are somehow enriching experiences that will guide and teach future mentors in performing teaching endeavors. In this paper readers can see and visualize what I undergo and experienced during my observation in DNHS.

Cooperating School

Dagatan National High School is a public school located in TAYSAN ,BATANGAS. Vission
Dagatan National Highschool, as a center of exemplary learning for secondary students in the division of Batangas headed by innovative and dynamic principal supported by high qualified, effective, and God- fearing teachers and concerned stake holders who hand in hand in providing a conducive school environment and the development of the value oriented, qualify graduates. Mission

Dagatan National High School provides environment which help students attain life’s goal on earth which lead them to a bright future and a happy eternal life.

Momentous Experiences and Insights
Tuesday morning I prepared myself knowing that this is the day of our first observation In Dagatan NHS. I rushed everything; I have to travel an hour just to reach our meeting place. In my surprise nobody not even one of them waits for me. I remembered that if they can’t wait for they can take the ride and leave me behind. Imagine the feeling that you are in a jeepney going to a place new and no one to talk. You can’t share the excitement because you are all by yourself. I texted my partner Jael, I ask her for the room that we will observe. She replied and told me to go for principal first, I was so nervous. Afraid of being punished because for the first day of our observation I was late. In my surprise everybody is so hospitable. They teach me and guide to the section that designated for us. At last I saw Jael sitting beside the teacher’s table. The feeling of excitement rush to my veins. As I enter the classroom and I introduced myself to the teacher and students I am so glad because they greet me as well “Good Morning Tr. Ednalyn, Mabuhay!” I can’t explain the feeling that I’m still a student but these pupils treat me as a teacher already. I think the first things I encountered made an impact on my observation.

The first subject of the student is mathematics. I remembered my mathematics when I was second year as boring subject. But I was wrong. Mrs. Javier has well-modulated voice and together with her humor the class is so alive and everybody participates. She is a teacher of learning by doing virtue. She said that everyone or anybody that goes in front and answer in the blackboard learns. The blackboard has a magic that works for everyone.

The second subject that we observed is the grade 7. Everyone is still coping with the new curriculum even the teachers. The discussion went so smooth for the students. Provided with all of the activities, students enjoys participating while learning.

We wait for our fellow classmates for their schedules. We spend our linger time under a nipa hut in front the library of the school. Once again all of us are very flattered because it was break time and most of the students that pass greet us with smile in their faces. Surely the money and the long travel are worth it.

We entered at their library, their librarian is very accommodating. She even entertained us while waiting for the principal. As we pass our schedule I got a little nervous because the person I thought to be the principal who entertained me earlier was the guidance counselor. So it means that this is the first meeting that I will have. We left the school with smiles in our faces saying that this is only the start and wait for our return dagatan.

The day two of our observation we observed classes from grade 7. In Pre-algebra this term they covered Variables, Expression, Integers, Factors, Exponents, Rational Numbers, Probability and Percent. Students are given daily homework assignments Monday through Wednesday. Some in class time is spent going over homework questions but students are expected to self-correct their homework assignments and bring up questions for discussion in class time. Every Thursday students are given time to review for their Friday quiz. For those students who feel they have mastered the material I distribute a POW on Thursdays that can be submitted for extra credit on Fridays.: Classroom schedule should not be a part of assessment – this information is needed by student and family at the start of their class.

We have our break time before proceeding in the next class that we are going to observed. I have this particular observation on section aguila. They are having they filipino subject and some of them are practicing for the near competition on “Buwan ng Wika”. Everyone is very supportive to their candidate to win for their competition. The Filipino teacher told us that she was shocked because she doesn’t expect us. Her class is having their practice and using their time so that they can see the improvement of their candidates. But after some time she asks her co-trainer to finish the practice because she will have a short discussion so that we can observe something from her class. I and Jael were so glad because of the competitiveness showed by the teacher. Teachers can teach in any situation that her duties call her.

By the end of the class we planned to stay in the same room because according to the students there will be new section that will use the classroom for the first subject. Jael and I choose to stay so that we can observe new class. In our surprise as the teacher entered the room, we told her of we can observe her class but she turned us down. She told us that this class so hard to handle that she doesn’t want us to see her class. Jael and I don’t argue with her anymore. We thanked her and told her that we will just look for another classroom. As we search for another class to observed we were talking on the sudden change in our mood. First we were so amaze on how the Filipinoteacher manages to teach her students even in s short period of time, and then now we were so disappointed because it seems that she doesn’t want us to see the real setting of a class. The struggles on how you are going to handle a class with slow learning ratio. We manage to find new class in second year. As they say if the door closed searched for the other door. Such blessings that we were out casted from the class, we find a biology class. Their teacher is very lively. She asked every student to bring different types of roots. I think that this teacher knows what she is doing. She doesn’t use any books just different type of roots only and she managed to teach her student with these resources.

On our third day I thought that we will have the same schedule. I was as early as 6 and I found out that we will meet by 7:30 strange. As we reached Dagatan Sarah told us that the principal already leaves the vicinity. She left for a meeting. We asked every teachers that if we can have the schedules from them. We were very hurt because a teacher said that “ kaya ayaw ko ng may nagoobsereve eh, they disturb the classes” very heart breaking seen for a student like us. It is not our fault, we came to school in the designate time but unfortunately the principal is not around. We were very thankful that one from the third year teacher told us to leave our schedule from the guard and she will just gave us 1 hour for our effort in going to their school. We leave the school with little disappointments in our hearts. But for me I am very disgusted imagine this is the first time that I came very early then we are not having our discussion. But it is okay everything happens with a purpose.

On the fourth day we observed classes from third year. Our first class is in Mahogany. Their teacher is Ms. agito. She follows her lesson plan. She has a sweet voice but being true to you I was so sleepy because her subject is chemistry and it was computation of masses of solution and percentage. Strange but her students participates and answers all the questions. Her strategy is very effective. During their evaluation most of her students got high scores. I also managed to take some quotes from her class. No chemistry book is ever complete because knowledge grows continuously. Science is wrong it never solves a problem without making it. Education is a treasure not for one but for everyone. Science of today is technology of tomorrow. A lazy chemist means a tidy laboratory.

The next class is mathematics and the teacher is Dionisia Alcantara their discussion is all about complimentary angle. In her class she has saying too: only mathematics and mathematical logic can say little as physicist means to say. There is a very good saying that if triangles invented a God they would make him three sided. There is no royal road when travelling the journey of geometry.

The next class is from Filipino subject, section lauan. Their discussion is about “pagkabata” We found the teacher Mrs. Christine Espiritu as strict teacher. But we are wrong until she approached us shared things while she was as a field observer like us.

In our fourth day we observed classes from fourth year. We observed the class of Sir Rex Ramos. They are heading in their computer laboratory. According to him they are going to have their output. They have good facility to utilize. Their laboratory is not just paraphernalia. He entertained all of our questions. There is also a funny question from me. I ask for a UBD curriculum which is an approach only. I wasn’t offended I was so glad to be educated from their differences.

We planned on what we are going to give for the principal as a token of appreciation. We planned to give it by the day that we are going to have our interview on grade 7 teachers.
On our last day saying good bye to the school that opened our heart on better understanding in our path that we will take is very heart breaking. Last look for the school that treasure us not just any observer but cares as our family. I am very sure to miss the students that I used to observe. Especially the second year class of rose. They are the first students I observed and respected me as a teacher even if I am still a student like them. I will miss the nipa hut that is always there to give us some shed if we wait for everyone to leave their class.

We will miss the canteen that helps us be home in their school. The ever so delicious lomi in their school which marks our tastes buds.
We will miss the entire school of Dagatan National High School.

Westmead International School
Gulod Labac, Batangas City
College of Teacher Education

July 26, 2012

Mrs.Cecilia Alcantara
Dagatan National High School



My Third Year Education students are currently taking their FS 3 (Technology in the Learning Environment) and FS 4 (Exploring the Curriculum). FS 3 requires them to conduct classroom observations to enrich the students’ experiences in developing and utilizing appropriate technology to facilitate learning. It shall provide exposure and hands-on opportunities in the use of instructional materials in teaching. Furthermore, FS 4 entails hands- on experiences in applying and verifying the knowledge gained on curriculum development through exposure to the existing curriculum. It shall also provide insights to students on how the curriculum can be effectively implemented in a classroom setting. In connection with this, I would like them to be exposed to various classroom settings and application of instructional materials. With this objective in mind, I seek for your permission to allow them observe classes in your institution and do the necessary activities that will meet the subjects’ objectives. The activities are as follows:

FS 3 (Technology in the Learning Environment)
1. Observe a class on its regular schedule. Note down the various teaching aids that are utilized in the teaching-learning process. 2. Prepare instructional materials (flashcards, word cards, pictures, cut-outs, transparencies and slide presentation) that are appropriate to the learning content. 3. Try out the instructional materials/ presentation to the group of learners 4. Design a bulletin board display.

FS 4 (Exploring the Curriculum)
1. Conduct a classroom observation. Identify the teaching strategies used by the teacher for effective implementation of the curriculum. (BEC, UBD and K to 12 Curriculum) 2. Expose them to real classroom setting. Get a copy of the class schedule and class activities (academic and extracurricular activities). Observe how these activities promote effective curriculum implementation. 3. Select teaching methods, learning activities and instructional materials or resources appropriate to the learners and aligned to the objectives of the lesson.

Moreover, the students are required to do these activities for 17 hours. Attached is the list of the names of students enrolled in FS 3 and FS 4 subjects.

Thank you and more power.

Respectfully yours,

Ms. Rosette A. Javier
FS Teacher

Sir Rex Ramos

He teaches Mapeh. He follows the activities in the K-12 plan being provided. His strategies vary on the section that he will teach. He also uses reward system. If students behave they can practice outside the room. Whenever the activities required materials he advises his student to improvise materials. For an instance in arnis they can use tree trunk just be sure that they clean eat so that their hand can be safe from little sprouts.

He assesses students by level of assessments. Knowledge 15%, process skill 25 %, understanding 30%, Products/ performances 30%. The marking on their report card is represented by abbreviation. Grade or its numerical value is not shown but they have the calculations.

K-12 is different by its time allocation it is day by day activity.
The advantage of this curriculum is easy to implement and easy for the teachers because it has lots of activities with-it. The dis an advantage is, the resources is limited and most of the discussions are found online. What if the place doesn’t offer electricity? There will be no resources.

Rosemarie Carcole

She teaches mathematics. Her strategies are use of supplementary materials.
Group or peers cooperative activity. They still don’t have grading system. They are confused on what are they going to utilize in grading the students. The grades are on hold. The difference of k-12 curriculum is it is more on student’s activity and still they are using traditional approach. The advantages are easy to make lesson plans, more time for mastery; you can make visual aids that will profit the students. There is teaching guides and it is cheaper for the parents because students will not buy books anymore. The disadvantage is subject matter is very different students can’t get it. The discussion is complex.

Mrs. Juliana Magadya

She is teaching science. She uses discovery method. Students do all the research. Teachers guide the students all the time. She is motivated with the promise of the government that after k-12 students are able to work with diploma. Good grades for students who do extra research. There is no grading system to utilize yet.

The disadvantage is the study time is very long.
The advantage is there is cd as their guide.

Maricel Adaya

Anaraling panlipunan teacher. She uses recommended activities in their modules. Activities vary if the lower sections can’t get it. Students often do group works, play and songs. K- 12 are just like BEC, lesson planning is same in the format but it easier and the execution is the same. In Ubd they can’t accomplish activity on time.

The advantages are the medium of instruction is mother tongue. The disadvantage is the teaching guide covers only the 1st and 2nd grading period they have to download it.

Levi Perez

An English teacher. She uses chant, skit, song, group activities and play.
Advantage is they speak with their mother tongue. They are not obliged to speak in English. If the student speaks in Tagalog somebody in the class will translate it in English. Disadvantage is if the teacher is not resourceful you have nothing to teach. Traditional teaching is not avoided specially in teaching grammar. But in less time. The material provide by the government is for first quarter only. We have downloaded the next lessons.

Realistic Education Curriculum
A. Design of the Curriculum
The overall design of 1 to 12 curriculum follows the realistic approach in discussing subjects the deeper understanding on how to apply education in real life situation starting from grade school. Teachers are expected to be realistic in teaching. B. Desired Outcome

•clarity of purpose for teaching and learning
•manageability for teaching and learning
This document groups the Content Standards, Benchmarks, and related Performance Standards in the language arts into three strands:
• Reading and Listening for Comprehension;
• Writing and Speaking for Expression; and
• Literature and Media.
The Language Arts Content Standards, Benchmarks, and Performance Standards has been designed:
• To describe the disciplinary content and skills students should learn at specific grade levels;
• To help teachers create classroom instruction and authentic assessments that address a substantive core curriculum that can be applied to student successes across all disciplines; and
• To serve as the basis for a statewide assessment of student learning. The Language Arts Content Standards, Benchmarks, and Performance Standards is a spiraling framework in the sense that many skills, once introduced, develop over time. While the Performance Standards are set forth at grade-specific levels, they do not exist as isolated skills; each exists in relation to the others. These Language Arts Standards are for all students and use in all content areas.

New Mexico Language Arts Content Standards, Benchmarks, and Performance Standards identify what students should know and be able to do across all grade levels. Each Content Standard is elaborated into three grade-span Benchmarks that are further defined by specific grade level Performance Standards. They illustrate how learners at every level continue to build and expand their knowledge by using similar language skills with increasing sophistication, refinement, and independence.

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