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Quizzes Help Students Gain Knowledge

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According to Anne McIlroy’s article article “Pop quiz: what’s the best way to learn? New research has found that the more students are tested, the more knowledge they retain”, quizzes can help students to memory and understand materials, concepts, information for a long time, but negative opinions are against the theory. McIlroy’s article is focused on Dr. Karl Szpunar’s research to support her statement that quizzes are beneficial for students to study. However, quizzes may have some negative effects on students. McIlroy considers tests as incentives helping students to study, but some objectors believe tests are not necessary.

McIlroy retrieves information from Dr. Szpunar’s research to prove that tests can help students to study. The beneficial that quizzes bring to students is not limited to recollect information. Quizzes can also improve students’ understanding of materials, concepts and information. Andrew Butler at Duke University in North Carolina divided his students into two groups. One group was quizzed on the information, while others spent extra time studying the information. The result shows that the group of students who did quizzes before is better than students did not have quizzes. The research proves the effective effects of the quizzes.

Although quizzes have significant benefits, the shortage of quizzes is still existed. Even though many people prove that quizzes have positive effects, some objectors believe tests are not necessary. Quiz might be a burden to students and some other methods can take place of quiz. As undergraduates, attending interesting clubs and meeting with different friends are important for them during the university’s life. It is hard for undergraduates to review textbook and lecture to prepare for too many quizzes.

What’s more, according to Butler, some other methods can replace quizzes. Such as, games, group activities and practice tests before the real tests. Some teachers who teach students around Grade 5 are using the more entertainment methods to help students to study. The result shows that students do learn knowledge from different kinds of methods other than quizzes.

The research is calling attention to the value of quizzes. Meanwhile, the article point out some negative opinions about the quizzes. Both opinions are aimed at providing a better education system for students. Undergraduates prefer that teachers give them proper amount of quizzes. Quizzes will help them to learn the information efficiently and do not interfere with relaxation time.


McIlroy, A. (2010. Dec. 4) Pop quiz: what’s the best way to learn? New research has found that the more students are tested, the more knowledge they retain. The Globe and Mail. Science. GLOB00002010120406c40003

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