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Pueblo Revolt of 1680

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The Pueblo revolt or most commonly known as the Popé’s Rebellion of 1680, was a rebellious war fought by the Pueblos, (Native American’s of southwestern side of United States of America); against the Spanish Colonization established in New Spain province of New Mexico. (Baker, 2009).

In the year 1540, expeditions by the Spanish in Mexican region were launched, and by the year 1598, they made Santa Fe as the capital of their colony. The native pueblos were trying their best to blend in with the foreigners, accepting their economic dominance and feudal attitude. However, things turned around for the worst, when four seven of their men were captured in 1675, in order to suppress their religious rights, and out of these was Popé, of San Juan Pueblo, who started a revolt against the invaders. The war was launched on the 8 August 1680, and continued until the 21August 1680, with the Spaniards army led by Governor Antonio de Otermin. (Wilson, 2003)

The revolt spread like fire, sending an urge of helplessness through out the established community, who fled through their lives. The Pueblos took their revenge by burning down the Spaniards Catholic churches, killing 27 of their priests. The native army, which was later joined in by Taos, Picuris, Jemez, Cochiti, and Santo Domingo, and laid siege on the capital on August 18. (Wilson, 2003) After only three days, the army exhausted off from resources, and crumbling food and water supplies, as the stream of Casa Reales going towards them was also blocked, ran off to El Paso, now known as Texas, with about 380 claimed dead. The Pueblo revolt was dominated by the natives, and thus, recorded as one of the few revolts won by the Americans against the Europeans. (Baker, 2009)

It is believed that events like that of the Pueblo Revolt, show that until and unless natives of a particular area do not fight for their own land, and prove themselves worthy of rule through strength of mind rather than of arms, they would continue to be over ruled by a dominant race. No matter pueblos were financially weak, but through their unity and allege for a unified goal multiplied their strength and they lucratively overthrew tyrannical rulers, securing their culture, religion, and freedom.

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