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Problem and Exercises

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What are some source of risk in a systems analysis and design project, and how does a project manager cope with risk during the stages of project management? The risks that involved in this system analysis and design project are critical resource availability, the potential of new technology and how it’s unfamiliarity of use, the resistance to change and regulatory constraints. The project manager cope with risk but it has good communication, detailed assessment and supports the information to show the addressed. The initial project stage to communication with the project team and employee’s to determine with the project team and employee’s to determine concerns are helpful in order to ensure the end product. The design stage risk design should address the needs as well as alleviate current and future concerns prior.

Suppose that you have been contracted by a jewelry store to manage a project to create a new inventory tracking system. Describe your initial approach to the project. What should you need? To whom might you need to speak? The initial approach to the project would be to speak with management about their wants regarding the inventory tracking system so it can determine the likes and dislike in the current system as well as discussion with them future needs and expectations of a new system. The first activity would have to be to review the current system. The people whom I would talk to are the employee’s who regularly utilize the systems to find out the constraints.

The Economic analysis carried out during project identification and selection is rather superficial. Why is this? Consequently, what factors do you think tend to be most important for a potential project to survive this first phase of the life cycle? In the project identification and selection consists of three primary, which are identifying potential development project, classifying and risking project, and selecting projects development. 1.The first is to identifying potential projects, which is to have organizations vary, and how to identify projects. But the process are: The key member of top management, sterring committee, how do user department and the development group or the IS manager.

The second is the Classifying and ranking IS development project can be performed by top manager, a starring committee, business units, or the IS development group. The criteria used to assign the merit of the given project that can be based on the size of the organization. But there are several criteria, which are classifying and ranking process.

The third is Selecting IS development project is the last step in the project identification and selection phase. But there is a short and long -term project must likely of achieve business objectives are considered. But the identification and the selection project are very important.

So if 85 k benefit and 35k cost both occur at the end of each year. When you do it the first time (85k-35k)/1.12=44,642, second 39,859,third 35,589,fourth 31,775 and the fifth is 28,37.When you add it all up you get 105,236.What I got from this is that after the second year the NPV is at point already positive. The cost and benefits were throughout the year, and when you calculate the fraction of the year this a good reason to simplify.

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