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Writing a Short Literature Review

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What Is Literature Review?

The majority are conscious that it’s a procedure for collecting information from different sources and then documenting it, however, few possess any concept of how to assess the details or even the way to present this. Writing a literature review needs the best and proven guidelines. This post will offer you everything.

A literature review may be a pioneer to the introduction of the research paper, or this can be a complete paper by itself, performing as the first phase of big research projects as well as allowing the examiner to determine that the learner is on the correct path.

Additionally, a literature review can be an in-depth and critical evaluation of earlier research. This is a synopsis and summary of a specific area of analysis, permitting anybody studying the paper for establishing why you’re pursuing this special research. A great literature review grows on the causes behind choosing a precise research question. Also, you need a template for writing a literature review.

How Can You Write Literature Review?

Not to mention, you can be needed to perform a “literature review” in undergraduate or postgraduate courses at the university.

The literature reviews may be utilized alone, or even in research assignments, theses, articles, and reports. They’re a means of combining, studying and analyzing a variety of sources in terms of a particular research question or topic.

So how can you come up with a “literature review”? Stick to these 4 simple steps as guidelines for writing a literature review:

Build Focus

If you’ve set a research question, problem or topic to analyze, this is vital that you remember to clarify exactly what is anticipated of you prior to starting studying and writing. Undecided where to begin? The planning for your project module may guide you via the procedure of forming important questions for focusing your research.

In case you are building your research question and topic, consider:

  • Defining the basic topic area
  • Determining the particular issue or problem that you’re thinking about analyzing
  • Turning the issue into questions, for example, why does it happen? How will we fix this issue? Which are the key highlights of this problem?
  • Brainstorming key points and ideas

Develop Search Tactics

As soon as you have queries to guide the searching, you’re all set to start finding relevant literature. For locating relevant research, you’ll require a search tactic.

Additionally, search tactic is an arranged organization of the terms utilized to search a web-based research tool, for example, a library catalog or database. The search tactic shows how all these terms mix to be able to collect the top results.

Web-based research tools perform in various ways; therefore, you have to adapt the search tactic for each.

To Build Up A Search Tactic:

  • Determine the keywords and phrases in the assessment topic
  • Determine any relevant words (use encyclopedia, a dictionary or supplied readings)
  • Mix your related words and keywords into the search tactic utilizing the terms such as AND, OR as well as NOT.
  • As soon as you’ve formulated a search tactic, head to the Library Catalogue. Library Catalogue explains what’s in the library and exactly where you can easily find them.
  • Additionally, you will have to identify some other tools for your research to assist you with the literature review. The library has directories and other tools for research which can be utilized to discover highly technical information as well.

Manage Whatever You Get

In a literature review, you’re not just recounting exactly what each writer states about the topic. You have to critically assess and explore the literature, as well as convince the readers of its importance to your work.

For doing this, you have to question every item you study to evaluate its:

  • Dependability – is the information correct?
  • Authority – is the writer an authority?
  • Viewpoint – is there opinion or bias?
  • Goal – do the facts inform, clarify or persuade?
  • Proof – does the writer use expert testimony, statistics, examples, facts?

There are numerous ways for sorting and classifying the literature which you’re reading. Not to mention, literature can easily be categorized by:

  • Reliability
  • If they conflict or support with a central argument or your thesis
  • Categories in the discipline
  • Theoretical viewpoint (e.g. ‘Post-modernist’ ‘Behaviourist,’ ‘Marxist’)
  • Your personal categories
  • Thesis chapters

Putting This All Together

The way you organize the review will rely on exactly what information you’ve gathered and also how the disciplines arrange them. However, you can organize it using the methods listed below:

Introduction – This includes your scope, limits, overall plan, main ideas, aim, and topic.

Body – This includes your research (wherever applicable); debate on concepts, theories, evidence as well as relationships between various kinds of literature?

Conclusion – In which you gather the trends, major gaps, common threads, key issues or disagreements and agreements in literature.

Writing a Short Literature Review

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