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Outline Investment in Media Prima Berhad

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Investment is the use of money to get a profit or to make a business activity successful. This investment will give additional capital to company. As return, company must give divided to investor. There are many reason make investor in company. In February 2012, Media Prima has 26,365 of number of shareholder. Why investor very interest to make investment in this company? Thesis Statement:

Several Reasons investor invested in Media Prima Berhad are because Media Prima consumer choice in Malaysia, it has strong revenue, and less competition. TOPIC SENTENCES

Investor wants to invest in Media Prima Berhad because their consumer choice in Malaysia. 1. Media Prima Berhad was Malaysia’s media powerhouse and the only media group in Southeast-Asia to offer an integrated and comprehensive media. 2. Media prima dominate in Malaysia television audience followed by Astro and RTM. Research on 2007 has found that television viewers in Malaysia are watching broadcast media prima higher than Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad and Radio Television Malaysia.

i. Besides that, on 2011, almost 24 million audiences from all ages and walks of life in country daily.
Pie Chart of Number of audiences in Media Prima Berhad (Million)
Pie Chart of Number of audiences in Media Prima Berhad (Million)

3. This proves that Media Prima Berhad Television Consumer choice in Malaysia. i. The investors will feel confident to invest in the company as it gets encouraging response from the audience Malaysia.

Moreover, Media Prima has strong revenue in company that will make investor to invest in this company. 1. In 2010, Media Prima Berhad made strong growth rate of revenue which it’s RM 1547 Million and following years which in 2011 in RM 1622 million. 2. In 5 year starting 2006 until 2011, this company work hard from beginning year until now there get very strong revenue.

a) Although in 2006 there only get RM 535, there progressively upward in next year until 2011.

3. It can make investor confident and trust to make investment in Media Prima Berhad. 4. If this company facing losses, their combination of company can cover their losses like Primework Studio Sdn Bhd and Media Prima Digital which get Marketing Awards 2012. This company have good financial profile that may make investor very interest to make investment in Media Prima Berhad

Media Prima also less competition in this media business make investor wants to invest in this company. 1. Astro Malaysia Holding Berhad and Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) which non-profit making media group are the only competitors Media Prima in television network. 2. In 2010, Media Prima made net profit more than Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad. a. This prove that Media Prima less competition in Television Network even Astro was pay plan television channel. b. Investor will choose company that made more net profit because company has hight net profit shows there has less competition.

3. In additional, as the owner of the New Straits Times Press (NSTP), Media Prima also dominated the English-language newspaper, New Straits Times and Malay-language newspapers, Harian Metro.

Media Prima was well-known company has strong revenue, less competition and good management in company which make investor to invest in this company. Investor will not regret to make investment in this company even though make investment in entertainment business was high risk. All this points has make this company getting a lot of shareholder and additional capital to make this company continues success and give the best performance to attract more investor to invest at Media Prima.

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