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Investment Essays

Why Is Foreign Investment in China Concentrated In the Coastal Areas

It has been widely recognized that the policy in foreign trade and investment in the coastal areas of China is an important factor that contributes to unbalanced economic growth among China’s various regions. Then the obvious question becomes: “Why is it that such foreign investment is not evenly spread across …

The Environment for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

The environment for foreign direct investment (FDI) has become very competitive and it is important for countries to critically examine their investment policies and ensure their relevance and effectiveness in attracting and benefiting from FDI. Foreign direct investment (FDI) has the potential to generate employment, raise productivity, transfer skills and …

Why Foreign Direct Investment Does Not Enter to Turkey

FDI can be described as international capital flows in which a firm in one country creates or expands a subsidiary in another. Its basic function is to provide capital to developing countries that face capital inadequacy due to and consequent of structural problems in the finance of economic development. Today, …

Impact of FIIs on Investment Portfolio

This paper aims to shed light on the behaviour of individual investors when foreign investments inject in the economy. The focus is to study the role of foreign institutional investors in changing the investment decisions of the individual investors and their contribution to economic growth through Capital accumulation in the …

The Fabian Advertising

1.Executive Summary This report is commissioned to examine the new business strategies of Fabian Advertising. It draws attention to the facts that the sales revenue has been decreasing dramatically in recent years. The decrease in profits was because its clients have chosen its competitors’ services over theirs. As clients’ expectations …

Linvestment CC v Hammersley and Another Supreme Court of Appeal

This case overturns the established case law by holding that the owner of servient tenement can in fact change the route of a defined servitude without the consent of the dominant owner if (a) the status quo is materially inconvenient to the servient owner; (b) the relocation occurs on the …

Educational Investment Pension Case

1.There are two sources of conflict presented in this case; the first is Personal differences. Educational Pension Investments is known for being a safe and conservative investment company ever since it started 50 years ago. Knowing that being conservative puts EPI behind other investment companies, Dan wanted to hire fresh …

Applied Financial Management

Question 1 (a) Define expropriation The taking of foreign property, with or without compensation, by a government. (b ) When expropriation does occur – how can a company respond? Broadly the company can offer to allow more local involvement in the project, offer to support the local government (legal issues?), …

Vodafone Ceo Interview

Marten Pieters, MD and CEO, Vodafone India, speaks about the challenges facing the telecom sector, the 3G auctions and why the government needs to get its policy right soon. This Idea Exchange session was moderated by Managing Editor, Financial Express, Sunil Jain 1. Sunil Jain: How has the 2G case …

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