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Banking Essays

Should There be One Global Center Bank

Banks rose from the market of people needing somewhere to safe keep their money. Along with the changing times and advances in technology, the services offered by modern commercial banks have evolved and data transfer has become faster therefore increasing the reach to other countries. This begs the question of …

The case of restructure at Bunga Raya Bank

The main team issues that I note in the case of restructure at Bunga Raya Bank is about lack of work team. Work team is defined as a team that generates positive synergy through coordinated effort. In this case there is no teamwork within upper level employees and lower level …

Post Office Compared To Banks in India

Post office has always been the preferred place to deposit ones savings owing to the instinctive smugness in a country like India where “prevention has always been better galore”. The concept of investing in instruments of high risk has started seeping in, but mostly into the urban educated people. A …

"The Crow Road" by lain Banks

In the novel ‘The Crow Road’ by lain Banks there are four deaths which I feel are very important. However, the death which I feel is most significant in the novel is that of Prentice’s father, Kenneth. This death is significant because it is relevant to the development of Prentice’s …

The Bank Robbery

It was a hot day at the small seaside town in Cornwall, the suns rays were shining down blasting heat out like an electric fire, the sky was a clear bright blue with only the faintest of clouds showing like puffs of steam from the kettle spout. Most of the …

How and Why Samuel Greg Choose the Sight for Quarry Bank Mill in Styal

Samuel Greg had a large fortune of what would today be about 3 million pounds (source 1&2). He inherited a lot from his “mill owning” uncle and he also married a very rich women and because of the laws of his era her money became his. This was useful to …

A Study Among Bank Employees in India

Training effectiveness is a widely researched area, with much of the studies focusing upon the participants’ reaction towards the entire training programme. Training effectiveness is measured in terms of trainees’ perceived efficiency of the training, perceived usefulness of the training and perceived trainer performance (PET, PUT, and PTP). The present …

Functions of Commarcial Banks

Central banking functions have evolved gradually over decades. Their evolution has been guided by ever-changing need to find new methods of regulating, guiding and helping the financial system (particularly, the banks). In other words, the evolution of central banking functions has tended to coincide with the evolution of the financial …

The Role of Internal Audit in Prevention of Fraud in Nigeria Banks

ABSTRACT This study investigated the role on internal audit in the prevention of fraud in banks taken Equitorial Trust Bank (ETB) as case study. It specially examined how the bank organized its internal audit system with the hope of assessing how it is used for the purpose of controlling and …

Organizational Behavior Analysis for Key Bank

Over the past several weeks I have discussed the strengths, challenges and areas improving behavior and performance at KeyCorp. This discussion has come primarily from my personal observations and experiences at the bank. I also compare KeyBank to former employers – Bank of America, BMW Financial Services and Sky Bank. …

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