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Bank Essays

The case of restructure at Bunga Raya Bank

The main team issues that I note in the case of restructure at Bunga Raya Bank is about lack of work team. Work team is defined as a team that generates positive synergy through coordinated effort. In this case there is no teamwork within upper level employees and lower level …

The conflict between Yusuf and Latifa

The conflict between Yusuf and Latifa, Yusuf has made a new plan to make Bunga Raya get high profits and good performance than other bank. He wants to downsized and completely close several 70 regional branches but it make the employees loss their job and less of customers. Bunga Raya …

Financial Literacy

It is important to stress the financial literacy program is not designed to make people financial experts, rather, the aim is to empower individuals with sufficient skills and knowledge to form financial decisions and allow them to be more in control of their circumstances. Financial literacy can help these consumers …

Financial Management Argumentative

Treasury bills are instrument of short-term borrowing by the Government of India, issued as promissory notes under discount. The interest received on them is the discount which is the difference between the price at which they are issued and their redemption value. They have assured yield and negligible risk of …

Securities Market (an Overview)

Meaning and definition of financial system The financial system is possibly the most important institutional and functional vehicle for economic transformation. The objective of the financial system is to “supply funds to various sectors and activities of the economy in ways that promote the fullest possible utilization of resources without …

The Cashless Policy and Its Practicability in Aba Motropolis

1.0: INTRODUCTION: 1.1. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY. Cashless banking is unequivocally the most recurrent phrase in the Nigerian banking and socio-economic lexicon in the past year and even more popular in media attention than the Boko-Harran insurgency. The reasons for its introduction have been articulated by the masterminds as: getting …

The Role of Internal Audit in Prevention of Fraud in Nigeria Banks

ABSTRACT This study investigated the role on internal audit in the prevention of fraud in banks taken Equitorial Trust Bank (ETB) as case study. It specially examined how the bank organized its internal audit system with the hope of assessing how it is used for the purpose of controlling and …

Organizational Behavior Analysis for Key Bank

Over the past several weeks I have discussed the strengths, challenges and areas improving behavior and performance at KeyCorp. This discussion has come primarily from my personal observations and experiences at the bank. I also compare KeyBank to former employers – Bank of America, BMW Financial Services and Sky Bank. …

Electronic Banking and Profitability of Financial Institutions

Background of the study In recent times, there has been a keen competition in the delivery of financial service or products which has resulted in financial institutions, especially banks, to developing and making use of alternative delivery channels to enhance their activities, increase profitability and in all, gain competitive advantage. …

The Cooperative Bank

The Cooperative Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS) became a settlement bank in United Kingdom by 1975. The bank was having an impressive growth and enjoying an increasing customer base until 1990 when the bank recorded losses due to the recession in UK. The bank was …

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