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Legacy Essays

Are Unions Good for the Economy? 

Now this question has been bugging a lot people out for the past few years. And the one thing we must know first is what are unions for and why are they used. Unions are an organization of workers put together to get workers benefits, and higher wages. Labor Unions …

Akira Kurosawa Moving Motions

The history of cinema now spans for more than a century and is filled with many influential filmmakers who have left an impactful mark. Akira Kurosawa is arguably one of the most influential, innovative, and creative filmmakers that has left a legacy in cinematic history. Kurosawa not only has impacted …

Was Alexander the Great, Great?

Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia, from 336 BCE to 323 BCE. From a very young age, Alexander wanted to fight in battles similar to his father, Philip of Macedonia. During his reign, Alexander gained control of 70 cities. Following his demise, Alexander’s empire would hold together for …

The Legacy of Horace Mann

During the antebellum period, in the 1820s, Americans were facing many changes as a result of the Market Revolution, which sparked explosive economic growth through transportation and technology. In the North, the people were familiar with a rural lifestyle they were founded upon and it transformed into an industrial society …

Effectiveness of the HR Functions

Every organization would strive to ensure that it effectively executes its business operations while at the same time minimizing the costs of operation. Therefore the HR team will always ensure that efficacy is achieved at all times and that provisions of products and services are quality and meet consumer needs …

Hypatia: The Life and Legend of an Ancient Philosopher by Edward J. Watts

Hypatia  recounts the life of Hypatia, one of the most overlooked figures in the ancient world and science. The book provides a purely non-fictional account of the life of Hypatia from birth to death to her posthumous legacy. Edward Watts, an established professor and historian has studied intellectual and religious …

The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most notable examples of expressionism. From the window in the Saint- Remy asylum, Van Gogh painted a night sky filled with radiant clusters of light, whose contrasting colors not only represented the idea of beauty found within a dark …

The Works of Print Media 

Print media also known as “Printed Journalism” is a form of advertising that uses physical printed media such as newspapers to reach out information to readers. Print describes a situation to a mass public event and bring them closer to the actual event itself. But it cannot actually create and …

Security Concern and Measures on Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are used to designate the process and act by which applications software’s are designed and developed for handheld gargets or devices such as mobile phones. The mobile applications can be delivered as web applications using server side and client-side processing to provide an experience within a web browser. …

Guinevere - Queen, Wife, Mistress

Legends told about the Arthurian time period have been the subject of interest and fascination since their first appearance in the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century. Various stories with multiple characters have been told and associated in these famous legends. In one of the most famous legends, the …

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